Yangxi County carries out local COVID-19 emergency response drill

2022-08-07 0 By

A COVID-19 emergency response drill was held in Yangxi County on The afternoon of March 28.The exercise simulates that zhang, a returnee from another province, goes to the hospital for nucleic acid test and the result is positive.Drill site, the staff of decisive disposal, strictly according to the regulations of the budget process, actual combat requirements set up six simulation scenarios, in case detection, report and quick response, epidemiological investigation, case of transhipment, close contact and time tracking, centralization, control area and prevent area defined and management, large-scale nucleic acid detection and so on has carried on the detailed specific exercises.The whole exercise process was closely connected and orderly, and achieved the expected results.Text, video: Yangxi County Rong media Center in recent days, the city leaders to carry out epidemic prevention and control and safety production inspection work, to ensure that the public have a safe party…On 26th, our city held “The History of The Communist Party of China Yangjiang County” (the first volume), “the History of the Communist Party of China Yangjiang Guangdong Province” (…This morning, the city CPPCC held eight sessions of a chairman’s conference, convey the learning provincial CPPCC twelve sessions of five sessions of the spirit.This morning, municipal Standing Committee, publicity minister Yang Xiaoting led the team in the city to carry out pre-festival inspection work source: Yangjiang radio and TELEVISION station source: Yangjiang radio and television station