Zhangjiakou city schools to carry out the national primary and secondary school students safety education day activities

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“After listening to the lecture, I learned a lot of traffic safety knowledge, know a lot of traffic signs and lines, I will tell more people around me, consciously abide by the traffic rules, cherish life.”On March 28, the third primary school of Jingkai District in Zhangjiakou city invited police officers from the fifth brigade directly under the municipal public security traffic police detachment to the school for a traffic safety education lecture.After listening to the lecture, student Sun Jinjie felt deeply benefited.March 28 this year marks the 27th National Safety Education Day for primary and secondary school students.The reporter understands, to strengthen the safety education in schools, small and medium-sized students’ consciousness of rule of law, improve safety awareness and self-protection capability, city bureau of education in hebei province has forward no.12, concerning the organization to watch “the provincial primary and middle school students’ safety education publicity week 2022” education public class notice, require organizations to watch the safety education of primary and secondary schools in the city feature films,And develop a good series of safety education activities.On the same day, the first middle school in the open area of fire safety on-site class, combined with the fire accidents that are easy to cause in life, through the way of on-site competition, let the children learn easily, into the heart of the brain, at the same time, increase the fire equipment practice link, hand in hand to teach the children the correct use of fire equipment.In order to ensure the safety of students to go to school and school, qiaoxi Mongolia Camp primary school in front of the school divided up the up and down the driveway, at the same time for students to set up a school and school walking channel;In the waiting area for parents, the school made announcements and set up epidemic prevention and control supervisors to remind parents to wear masks and refrain from gathering, so as to maintain traffic order around the campus and ensure the safety of students.Party members and teachers volunteer to form a nursing service team to maintain order at the school gate, around the school and in the waiting area for parents, and protect students’ orderly entry and safe departure from school.Golden Eagle Primary School, Ningyuan Middle School and other schools held collective class meetings and organized students to watch safety education videos for primary and secondary schools, covering common sense and coping skills in network safety, fire safety, traffic safety and mental health.Nothing is trivial about school safety.The reporter learned that the same day, many schools in Zhangjiakou city through the national flag speech, class meetings, lectures, emergency evacuation drills and other forms to popularize safety knowledge to students, education and guide them to enhance the ability to avoid emergencies, develop lifelong safety habits.(Reporter Tian Xiaoyan) Source: Zhangjiakou Daily Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn