Potted blueberries are worth having in every household. They are easy to maintain and have high nutritional value.

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When it comes to blueberries, the first thing that comes to mind is their sweet and sour taste and high nutritional value.It is this taste that makes blueberries so popular with children.Parents are also keen to buy blueberries for their children.This is because the nutritional value of blueberries is very high, containing a variety of trace elements, after eating the health and growth of the body has great benefits.Blueberries also contain antioxidants that have been found to slow the aging process.Therefore, blueberries are loved by children, parents, the elderly and other people.Blueberries can also provide the human body with anthocyanins, which can not be synthesized by the body itself, but can only be absorbed by the outside world, and the existence of blueberries just to solve this problem.At the same time, because of the large amount of anthocyanins, the blueberry as a whole appear blue-purple.Eating more blueberries is of great health benefit.Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, many companies tend to work on computers, so many people may face the computer all day long.Go down for a long time, eye ache, vision drops are likely to happen, serious still can cause eye disease.While blueberries are rich in anthocyanins, eating blueberries can relieve eye fatigue and prevent eye diseases.There are two main ways to grow blueberries. The first way is to grow them on a large scale, commonly known as ground planting.Farmers make money by growing large quantities of fruit in their orchards and then selling them in the market when they are ripe.The other is potted plants, which you can grow at home.Keep a flowerpot and some blueberry seeds, and watch them until they’re ready to harvest sweet and sour berries.It must be a very happy thing to eat blueberries grown by ourselves.If you’re desperate for blueberries, it makes sense to go out and pick them yourself on a plantation.Can pick their own blueberries, experience the joy of labor, eat up will be more sweet.If you grow your own blueberries at home, when the berries are ripe, you can set them free.When you want to eat a few, sour sweet, excellent taste.You’re probably curious about how to grow blueberries.To plant a blueberry tree, first of all, you need to prepare a suitable pot.The pot should be porous and air permeable to provide a good environment for blueberries.Don’t choose plastic flowerpots.Plastic POTS are cheap, but they’re bad for blueberries.Don’t believe plastic flowerpots, no matter how much they sound.That’s because plastic has poor air permeability, which means blueberries don’t get enough oxygen as they grow.Secondly, its material is not good and its service life is short.To avoid changing POTS during planting, we should address the root of the problem by not choosing plastic POTS in the first place.And if you change POTS mid-stream, you’ll have to move the plant, which could affect its growth or even kill the plant.So in order to avoid these problems, we can choose good quality clay flowerpot at the beginning, which has strong air permeability and good material.Also be careful to choose a larger pot if possible.That’s because blueberry trees take up a lot of space later in life, and a small pot isn’t enough for them.Blueberry trees grow better when they have room to grow, and more blueberries to taste when they bear fruit.When planting blueberry trees, choose the right soil, too.At the beginning of planting, you can add rotten leaves or organic fertilizer to the soil to make the blueberry better adapted to the new environment.The hydrophobicity and ventilation of the soil should also be strictly controlled, so that blueberry planting becomes easier and more convenient.So how to ensure that the soil is ventilated, here’s a trick, that is to put some small rocks or river sand in the soil.Add a little sheep manure to the soil. It’s the perfect fertilizer, and trust me, you’ll get amazing results.I believe that with the blessings of these things, blueberry trees will grow stronger, and people will harvest more sweet and sour blueberries.Our shop to a new batch of blueberry seedlings, fruit taste sweet juicy, not sour not astringent mouth, is the market top varieties, the price of more than 70 yuan a catty!Strong resistance, good raise easy to live, north and south can be planted, plant big fruit, fruit flavor, must be a good helper to improve your home life!Click the link below to buy ~