Officer xuan!The flagship Redmi K50 will be officially released on February 16th

2022-08-06 0 By

Today, Hongmi officially announced the K50 universe’s first flagship — K50 esports edition.According to the official, this new mobile phone will be officially released on February 16, saying that it is a cold-blooded flagship full of all skills, not only configuration has all done a very perfect upgrade, and the heat dissipation will also be greatly improved, fully implement its “cold-blooded” name.To satisfy your curiosity, some of the parameters of the K50 esports version have now been made public.It is reported that the K50 e-sports version will be equipped with two VC thermal panels, and the heat dissipation ability will increase rapidly, which may become the most “cool” Snapdragon 8 flagship.Since it is esports for selling points, then K50 esports version only heat is not enough, it needs more extreme feel.According to the official news, K50 e-sports version will be the world’s first equipped with CyberEngine ultra broadband motor, different from the ordinary X-axis motor on the market, it will bring users more extreme vibration experience.In addition, the battery life of K50 e-sports version is also very good. It will be equipped with 120W super flash charge. If it is full of a 4700mAh battery, it takes only 17 minutes, which can be said to be very fast.In other news, it’s rumored that the K50 e-sports edition will feature a hole-in, straight screen with a 6.67-inch flexible screen supplied by China Star Optoelectronics, but instead of on-screen fingerprint identification, it will use a side fingerprint like its predecessor.It is worth mentioning that the side solid maglev shoulder button, which was well received on the previous model, will also be retained to enhance the user’s gaming experience.