Li Gangtian: the gorgeous flow in seal cutting is a kind of beauty that can make people move

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Shu Pu by Sun Guoting is a famous work full of dialectical thoughts.As for the two kinds of beauty, quality and beauty, he thought they existed side by side. He said, “Today and ancient times are different, and beauty is separated from each other.”And the attitude towards ancient and modern quality should be “ancient bad, different harm today”.When describing the beauty of calligraphy, he often juxtaposed and corresponded the two kinds of beauty, including “the power of the peak of the shore”, “the manner of the dance of the snake”, “heavy as the collapse of clouds”, “light as the wings of a cicadas”, “the mountain is safe when you stop”, and “the fountain notes when you guide it”.Although conservatism sun division is the basic position of worship of the ancient, such as “child worship of escape, escape few of clocks, zhang”, “present depth, ancient and now shes”, but he did not oppose seiko and modification, and oppose waste rate is poor, advocating “picture, and then the gentleman,” against “easy carving palace in point, the jade chariot in the vertebral wheel”.While Su Dongpo of Song Dynasty had a more tolerant attitude towards artistic style and an eclectic attitude towards artistic creation. He had two lines of poetry, “Short, long, fat and thin have their own aspirations, who dares to hate jade ring flying swallow”, which showed his creative concept.However, in seal cutting, blind worship of the ancient has been manifested for a long time.Since the literati of method proposed that the printing of qin and han dynasties advocate, HanYin become a typical model of the creation of method, displayed a plain old seal, thick beauty became the highest realm of beauty, mottled old looks as seal cutting deliberate imitation of character, even after Wen Peng carved seal is put in wood box, let a child “of JinRi shake,” until “spalling of color” to stop,Advocating the quality of ancient, opposed to skillfully decorated literati seal carver’s aesthetic views.In the contemporary seal carving creation, seal carvers pursue distinctive style and make the work form have strong impact on the vision to adapt to the “layer effect”, some seals exaggerate the ancient appearance of spots and ruins on the surface of the seal, in accordance with sun Guoting’s sentence “Yi Carving palace in the cave, anti jade waintao in the wheel”.However, man-made spots and ruins of the ancient appearance, in fact, is another form of extreme decoration, it plays the same role as extreme makeup qiao decoration to destroy the natural beauty of art (more exciting content please follow the public number of micro message: Yin Study).Quality and beauty exist side by side, corresponding to each other and supporting each other. It can be said that there is no such thing without the other.In terms of the development of seal law, quality is the initial drafting and creation, yan is mature and perfect, so Sun Guoting said, “ancient quality now yan”;In terms of artistic style, quality is closer to nature and beauty is the beauty of artificial modification;In terms of the complexity and difficulty of creation techniques, Yanmei requires more exquisite techniques.Gorgeous is a kind of beauty that can make people move, the five dynasties of the collection of words “flower collection”, the description of singing and dancing feast, infatuated men and women, gorgeous word wind, yangyang 500, beautiful, become a school of poetry and poetry in medieval yan;Xu Zhimo, a new moon school poet in modern times, whose poems chant love and dream and luxuriant euphemism have attracted a lot of men and women, becoming the “jin Yan” school in new poems.In the 24 Poems written by Si Kongtu of tang Dynasty, there are both “vigorous” and “road wild” products, as well as “fiber luxuriant” and “beautiful” products.Peach trees, wind and water, willow trees winding, warblers near…””Qi Li” product said: “…Mist water bank, apricot in the forest, on the moon huahu, painting bridge bi Yin.Gold wine full, with guests to play the piano, take sufficient, good Zen beauty jin.”What a sight to behold.The beauty of seal cutting is probably due to the following aspects: first, the craft attribute of seal determines the necessary beautification and decoration in form;The second is the intervention of calligraphic beauty in seal form, breaking the stereotype of Han seal as the typical pattern, greatly enriching the flowing aesthetic feeling on the seal surface;Thirdly, different authors have different temperament and aesthetic tendency, so that seal cutting creation has a variety of aesthetic choices, among which yan is one of the important contents.In ancient seal making, in order to beautify the seal surface, a highly decorative bird worm seal script was applied into the seal. Since then, bird worm seal script has always been a unique style in seal cutting creation. Yanmei road in seal cutting can be said to start from the ancient bird worm seal script.”Xin Cheng JIA” is an ancient jade seal, which is the perfect one in ancient bird and worm seal printing. The curved and beautiful lines on the printing surface, with the decoration of craft and pattern, make the works have a gorgeous beauty.Since the creation idea of printing from books was put forward in the middle of qing Dynasty, the beauty of calligraphy replaced the beauty of craftsmanship in ancient seal, especially in Zhu Wen seal, small zhuan directly enters the seal to show the flow and beauty, forming two corresponding seal cutting styles with Han bai Wen seal.Xu Sangeng “day have spring but buy books” would fall into this category, his seal script to use Deng Shiru “thin place can cook’s, the secret place not to leak” claim, will write like dancing variegated silks, he will own the characteristics of the seal script into carving, seal surface will no longer ask the so-called qi inscriptions, and performance “CaiCai water, bitter fleabane bitter fleabane far spring, the gentle and graceful deep canyons.The flowing beauty of “beauty in sight”, the flowing seal method plus the rarely used horizontal oval seal surface form, make this seal more away from “ancient quality” and toward “today yan”.Wu Xizai’s “painting Plum begging rice” in the density of the seal structure is not as strong as Xu Sangeng, but the circular flow of the line is very much, in Xu Sangeng’s printing vertical paintings generally do not bend, and Wu Xizai’s printing in the “plum” word “wood” next to the vertical distortion as a dancer’s figure, “begging” line flexure extremely exaggerated,Full Print gives people a feeling of being free and enjoying themselves (for more exciting content, please follow the official wechat account: Yin Den).Zhao Shuru’s “Wuxi Qin’s Literary Brocade offering” and Wu Xizai’s seal example strengthened the circular shape of seal script method, Kang Youwei commented on “Stone Drum Text” seal script method;”Like gold twinkle on the ground, you can pick a cloud of grass without bothering to cut it.”This square seal seal method is the “Zhi grass cloud” like the United States, but each word seal method is the pursuit of flowers and flowers perfect, the word and the word compared with the similarity between seal law, so far less than “painting mei begging rice” seal example.