A total of 24 confirmed cases were reported in Pinghu, Zhejiang province, and 405,000 people were collected in the three districts

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A total of 24 confirmed cases have been reported in Pinghu, Zhejiang province, China, March 16, 2019.According to a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, seven new COVID-19 cases were reported from 00:00 to 24:00 on May 15 in Pinghu City, bringing the total to 24. All of them have been sent to designated medical institutions for treatment.Among the new cases, one was found during home quarantine in the containment area, and the other six were found in centralized isolation sites.Jiaxing city health commission deputy director Hu Huilin introduced at the meeting, at present, Pinghu city all positive infection sources have been identified.As of 24:00 On May 15, 1,776 close contacts in Pinghu and 2,660 people in sub-close contact have been identified. Samples have been collected and sent for inspection, and centralized isolation and other control measures have been implemented.Hu huilin said that after further demonstration by experts from Zhejiang Province, Jiaxing city and Pinghu City, in accordance with the principle of “appropriate enlargement, conducive to prevention and control”, Pinghu has optimized and adjusted the scope of the “three zones”, and now there are 13 containment zones, 12 control zones and 2 prevention zones.The second round of nucleic acid testing was completed, and 405,000 people were sampled in the three zones.At the press conference, Yu Xingang, Director of Health of Pinghu City, introduced how pinghu major medical institutions provide medical services to the public and how special groups (such as hemodialysis and childbirth) receive medical treatment during the epidemic prevention and control period.Since the first-level response was launched in Pinghu, major medical institutions in the city have suspended outpatient services, and only emergency and inpatient services have been maintained, it said.For critical patients hospitalized demand, pinghu city first people’s hospital, pinghu hospital established the critical patients treated the green channel, to can’t rule out COVID – 19 patients with viral infection, in the emergency department, operating room, such as set up a buffer, intensive care in well under the premise of protection, on the one hand actively to rescue, on the other hand, the first time to carry out the nucleic acid detection,To ensure that patients receive treatment in the first time, but also to the greatest extent to avoid the occurrence of hospital symptoms.”In response to the medical needs of pregnant women, we optimized online perinatal health care services, and organized and mobilized 36 perinatal health care professionals in Pinghu to provide online consultation for pregnant women.”Meanwhile, yu xingang said, the city will carry out evacuation and follow-up visits for pregnant women under its jurisdiction, and provide medical services to pregnant women in centralized isolation points, containment areas, control areas and home quarantine areas.Regarding the medical needs of hemodialysis and cancer patients, Yu Xingang said that pinghu First People’s Hospital and Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine have basically met the daily dialysis and chemotherapy needs of hemodialysis patients and cancer patients on the basis of active epidemic prevention and control measures.Source: Chinanews.com