A detailed explanation of the basic knowledge of Zhouyi

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Hidden stem is eight term, refers to the number has some kind of air-dried performance, air-dried for tianyuan, gan for yuan, gan dry is hidden on a yuan, December 12 earthly branches according to the five elements in yuan, said ten air-dried focuses on progressive phase of the cycle of the five elements, the operation duration of the twelve earthly branches focus on the shift of Yin and Yang, the twelve earthly branches are not directly said five lines of state,The change of Yin and Yang gives rise to the Five elements. The twelve earth branches have different changes of Yin and Yang, which produce and contain different existence states of the five elements. Numerology calls it the Five elements and the Five elements of human yuan.1. The natural gas of Yin is jia Wood, Yin is Yang wood, And A is Yang wood.2. The base bases shall be of wood, and the bases shall be of wood, and the bases shall be of wood.3. The third gas is the third fire, fire is Yin, fire is Yang.4. The natural gas of The Afternoon is ding Fire, Yang fire and Yin fire.5. The native gas of Shen is Gengjin, Shen is Yangjin, and Geng is Yangjin.6. Unitary natural gas is xin gold, Yin gold, xin Yin gold.7. The native gas of Hai is Ren Shui, Hai is Yin shui and Ren is Yang shui.8. The native qi of the son is decyl water, the son is Yang water, and the son is Yin water.Chen Xu’s natural gas is wu earth, Chen Xu is Yang earth, wu is Yang earth.10. Ugly is the original gas of his own soil, ugly is Yin soil, is Yin soil.Note: The natural qi in the earth branch is the original Yin and Yang and five elements. Water and fire are not compatible. The Yang branch is the Yin branch, the Yin branch is the Yang branch, the Yang branch is the Yang branch, the Yang branch is the Yang branch, the Yin branch is the Yang branch.1. Hai Zang Jia Hai is Yin water, Jia Yang wood and Aquatic wood.2. Yin Tibetan C Yin for Yang wood, C for Yang fire, wood fire.3 have Tibetan Geng is Yin fire, geng is Yang gold, fire gold.4. Shen Zang, Ren Shen is Yang jin, Ren Is Yang shui, Jin Sheng shui.5 xu Chen Ugly is not in the four seasons of the year, that is, the third month of the season, there are the five elements of the season, that is, the Yin of the five elements of the season.Namely: spring for wood, Chen Tibet b wood;Autumn is gold, xu Tibetan xin jin;Winter for water, ugly hide deci water;Summer for fire, not hidden ding fire.Yin Si Tibetan wu, Noon Tibetan oneself are all due to earth with fire mother flourishing.Note: the earth branch only has its qi, and cannot be divided into different positions of the branches. Instead, each branch is allocated to a certain number of days to be in charge of its use. Just because there is its qi, it must be taken concurrently when used, not separated from its position, but given priority to its own qi, and then the rest of the hidden stem can be considered.Twelve branch Tibetan dry steno 1, four are four are in addition to noon are Tibetan gas root, that is, the son Tibetan guishui, MAO Tibetan b wood, you Tibetan Xin jin.Noon in addition to the hidden its original gas root ding fire also hidden in the middle of the gas root soil.Break the character of eight remember: zi is deci, deci is son;B is a base, and a base is b;Unitary is symplectic, symplectic is unitary;Noon is ding, ding is noon.2. In addition to hai, the four corners all contain wu earth, that is, Yin and Yang of Yin and Yang and five elements of its root jia wood, ten heavenly stems and twelve earthly branches. Yin is Yang wood, and A is also Yang wood, so it contains a;Yin also Tibetan c fire, because Yin is the longevity of c fire, that is, Yin Tibetan A, C, E, has Tibetan C, geng, wu, Shen Tibetan geng, ren, wu, can be briefly written as: Yin has shen To hold potential punishment Tibetan dry order: this gas root, changsheng, wu.3, four library Chen Xu ugly not five elements are soil, because Chen is Yang branch, so the Tibetan soil;Shen Zichen water, Chen and for the reservoir, according to the Yin dry library, so it also hide deci water;And because Yin MAO Chen three will east wood, Chen is the wood of the remaining gas, so also Tibet b wood, wu, ding, xin;Ugly hide oneself, xin, deci;Not hiding himself, b, d.Formula: son hidden decyl water alone, ugly in decyl xinji soil with;Yin Tibetan pente and armour wood, MAO yi wood since the reunion;Chen Tibet and ethyl wood, wu geng c fire with;Noon Tibetan soil and ding fire, not in ding fire b has met;Shenzang Wenren and Geng Jin, unitary Xin Jin Du Feng long;Xu Tibetan Xin Jin machine ding Wu, hai Zhong Ren shui jia wood with.Application: Year branch of you gold in the Tibetan xin gold, Yen dinghuo kesin gold, Yin ke Yin, for partial wealth;Month branch MAO wood in the Tibetan b wood, wood I ding fire, Yin sheng Yin for owl;Japanese support unitary gold in the hidden xin jin, Yen ding fire kesin gold, Yin ke Yin, for partial wealth;Shizhi xu contains three stems. Wu is the main gas of the xu. Its gas is the most important, followed by Xin Jin and Ding Huo.Dry ding fire I gave birth to wu, Yin Yang, to hurt the officer, I kesinjin, Yin gram Yin, for partial wealth, ding fire and ding fire similar shoulder to shoulder.This is how the earth’s support yuan is arranged.Day main Tibet dry depth ten god table table is the dry Tibet dry ten god depth table, because this section is more brain-burning, more involved content, cited times table for reference.Usage: example ground branch for the son, the hidden dry is decy, dry day for a decy aquatic armour wood, Yin see Yang is positive, so is printed.Summary: number five is not fixed, because the number of liuhe, triad, three will be formed between the five elements will change, because the number of the hidden decision a lot of things done, including the actual forecast see through a person’s inner world and unknown secrets are hidden dry, so the twelve earthly branches dry must want to know.In addition, dizhi Zanggan solves the correspondence between yen and dizhi ten gods, complicates the relationship, and can get more information, so dizhi Zanggan is very important.