Zhang Jiahao’s “chasing snow” story is not over. His next dream is to ski all over the world’s snow mountains

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Liu Yeye, all media reporter of Minsheng Weekly, Zhu Haoquan, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will attract much attention.On July 31, 2015, when International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach announced that Beijing and Zhangjiakou won the right to host the 24th Winter Olympic Games, people from all walks of life began to prepare for the arrival of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.From the director of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics to the professional skier, from the venue designer of the Winter Olympics to the ski security doctor…While quietly preparing for the Winter Olympics, they are also helping to promote ice and snow sports for the masses.In the past 7 years, more and more people participate in the ice sports, from Beijing to Shanghai, from Korla to Harbin, north and south, regardless of the east and west.The goal of “attracting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” has become a reality.The new media editorial department of Minsheng Weekly has launched a special planning for the Winter Olympics — exploring the story of the Winter Olympics.He started skiing at the age of 17 and became one of the top skiers in China in just five seasons. He told us by experience that snow sports are not far away.Today, we approached Zhang Jiahao, listen to his blood story.With a passion for ice and snow sports, Zhang jiahao set out.He is not a national team athlete but dreams of standing on the starting block at the Beijing Winter Olympics.He told The magazine that he has a new goal: to ski all over the world’s snow-capped mountains.His story has gone viral on the Internet, like a beautiful epitome of “300 million people taking part in ice sports.”Many netizens commented that ice and snow sports are not so far away from them, nor as expensive as they thought, and more and more people are excited to participate in ice and snow sports.When I met Zhang Jiahao, he was a big boy born after 1995. He still had his trademark curly hair and a sunny smile.The most common word in the interview was “like.” “I just love skiing.”Zhang jiahao’s relationship with the Beijing Winter Olympics continues, with stories of love and dreams taking root in the snow.”I am proud to work 100 percent for my dream.” When Beijing won the bid for the Winter Olympics in July 2015, Beijing boy Zhang Jiahao didn’t realize he would be associated with the Olympics on his doorstep.The twist came in 2016, when Zhang quit his job as a baker to ski full time.In the same year, Zhang jiahao competed on behalf of China for the first time in the Intercontinental Cup of New Zealand, where snowboarders from all over the world gathered, and he won the best result of Chinese players at 16th place.A thought flashed through his mind: In six years, could I be standing at the pinnacle of the sport — the Winter Olympics?In January 2020, Zhang jiahao set out to pursue his dream.”I studied the policy.”Zhang jiahao said that according to the regulations, during the Olympic qualification period, get a certain number of points and ranking, have a chance to get a ticket to the Winter Olympics.”I went on my own, but many of my compatriots helped me along the way and I made many friends.””I thought of the worst, even if I got injured, got infected and didn’t get the results I wanted. I accepted it. I just didn’t accept it.”Zhang jiahao said.Jang Ka-ho is in Chile.In September 2021, Zhang Jiahao won 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze MEDALS in the Chile Ski Championship.Jang Ka-ho is in Chile.At this time, he is closer to the Winter Olympics.”According to the IAF’s system, I need to qualify for the World Cup by December.”However, fate played a trick on Zhang jiahao.Visa problems stuck him in Chile for nearly two months.Finally rushed to Switzerland, there was no time to adjust the jet lag, Zhang Jiahao non-stop began the game, due to action errors, failed to enter the final.Two years, 5 countries, 15 games, Canada, Sweden, Chile, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Zhang Jiahao brought his love to that piece of white snow.On December 16, 2021, there was no reversal.Zhang Jiahao announced his impact on the Winter Olympics failed, “the European Cup that match, the moment of landing actually already knew that declared the end, but I never regret starting.”In Zhang jiahao’s view, this process is to do a particular thing I like, “can purely for my ideal to pay 100% effort, try my best, I am very proud.”Zhang jiahao told reporters: “Many people will ask this process is very hard, how do I persist?But I have to say, I never felt like I was gritting my teeth.The way I did it, I was very excited and passionate and happy every day. I didn’t find it difficult.””Skiing definitely costs money, but it’s not as exaggerated as the rumors.” It was during Zhang jiahao’s tour in Chile that his story went viral online.Many netizens left messages for Zhang jiahao, saying, “I see the meaning of persistence, and I understand that love can be worth years.””Thank you for showing us that someone can be so brave for their dreams.””It turns out that ice and snow sports are really not far away from us….Zhang jiahao’s story makes skiing seem less distant than imagined, nor does it sound so “expensive” in legend. “My father is a pastry chef, and AFTER graduating from technical school, I took over my father’s business to make bread.”Zhang Jiahao was born in an ordinary family in Beijing.Zhang Jiahao, 17, goes skiing with his classmates at Nanshan Ski Resort in Beijing, Capital of China, Nov 28, 2012.This was his first contact with skiing, the pleasure of galloping on the ski resort, so that Zhang Jiahao “suddenly ‘stuck’ in”.He recalls his skiing days with enthusiasm in his eyes. “Liking was my driving force.Everything I did afterward was to see how well I could do what I loved.”Jang was a baker before he started skiing.At that time, Zhang jiahao was still a trainee baker, earning only 1,200 yuan a month.”Skiing definitely costs money, but it’s not as exaggerated as the rumor has it.”Zhang Jiahao gave the reporter calculated ledger, “spending is certainly equipment, but you do not have to buy equipment.Many tickets cost one or two hundred yuan, including the cost of renting equipment.”This means that you can enjoy a full day of skiing at a ski resort just by buying a ticket.Zhang jiahao soon became an avid skier.After becoming a regular baker, his salary is 3500 yuan per month.Every night, I make bread at night, and I go to ski resort by bus during the day. “I have season tickets for skiing, and I can ski for the whole season with a season ticket of 3,000 yuan.”He kept this up for two years.Freedom, excitement and a sense of accomplishment, zhang says, are the energy of skiing.▽ Jang Ka-ho participated in the Namsan Open.In 2014, Zhang competed in his first race and finished ninth.In 2015, Zhang Jiahao participated in the 13th Red Bull Nanshan Open and won the second place in the domestic group.In 2016, Zhang jiahao quit his job as a baker to ski full time.”I want to ski all over the world’s snow mountains.” Now, Zhang jiahao’s relationship with the Beijing Winter Olympics has not been broken, and he pays attention to every competition as a commentator.”Down-to-earth” and “professional” are netizens’ comments on his commentary style.Watching the 17-year-old Su win at the commentary stand, did he think of the 17-year-old when he first learned to ski?”The ski environment is getting better and better.”Looking back on his 10 years of skiing, Zhang jiahao sighed, “The scenes flashed in my mind like a movie. When I first got into skiing, it was still a niche sport. There were not many people playing it for a long time in China, and many skills needed to be figured out by myself.”Now, “there are long lines at indoor ski resorts in the summer!Everyone is very enthusiastic about participating in ice sports.”Zhang Jiahao said with a smile.Jang Ga-ho is skiing.”I now have a new little goal.”Zhang jiahao told reporters that next, he will ski all over the world’s snow mountains.”Whether I go up by cable car or climb up by myself, I will slide down one by one and continue to share the joy of skiing.”Zhang jiahao said that at present, there are a lot of people to climb mountains in China, but there are many people who climb up mountains, but few people slide down mountains. “There is no professional ski route planning in many snow mountains, so where is suitable for skiing and where is dangerous, this area is blank, I want to explore.”Zhang jiahao didn’t give himself a time line for this challenge. “I don’t skate for quantity,” he said. “I skate because I love skating.”Just as I have recorded every skiing experience for the past 10 years, THIS time I will continue to record my skiing story, pass on the spirit of skiing, and let more people experience and participate in snow and ice sports.”Zhang jiahao’s dream journey is never over. His dream is scattered in all corners of the world like snowflakes, encouraging countless people. Ice and snow sports are really not far away from us.