Wuhan Economic and Development Zone issued 560 million yuan of support funds to 600 enterprises

2022-08-05 0 By

Yangtze River Daily big Wuhan client on March 28 (correspondent Peng Yu reporter Hao Tianjiao) recently, Wuhan Jinfa Technology Co., Ltd. financial personnel found more than 2,939,700 yuan on the account, after verification, this is wuhan through the open area to pay a sum of reward funds.In more than a year, Wuhan Jinfa has obtained a total of nearly 6.1 million yuan of policy incentives and support funds issued by Wuhan Economic development Zone.On March 28, the reporter learned from the district Bureau of science and technology, in order to support technological innovation and enterprise stability, Wuhan Economic development Zone hit a “combination of fist”, the implementation of a series of policies.A total of 560 million yuan has been awarded to nearly 600 enterprises since last year.Entrepreneurs admitted that Chegu Hui enterprise measures comparable to “North, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen” in 2021, Wuhan Jfa invested RESEARCH and development funds 81.17 million yuan, successfully developed high-performance vehicle lightweight materials, environmentally friendly materials and more than 20 products, applied for and obtained more than 30 patents, research and development investment reward fund 1.5 million yuan.”Last year, we successfully applied for eight preferential policies and received 1.7539 million yuan for expanding existing industries alone.”Yu Qisheng, general manager of Wuhan Jinja, admitted that wuhan Economic development Zone’s support for enterprises is very large nationwide. “In cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, enterprises’ r&d investment and policy incentives to expand existing industries are not as much as Chegu.”It is reported that since last year, Wuhan Economic and Development Zone has issued and implemented measures such as “33 scientific and technological innovation” and “8 intellectual property rights”, encouraging enterprises to “open the list”, break through key core technologies, and accelerate the transformation of scientific research achievements.The “science and technology Innovation 33” award support is greater, the threshold is lower, among which, small and micro science and technology enterprises can receive up to 600,000 yuan of start-up capital support.The “8 Intellectual Property Rights” award will give the highest reward of 1 million yuan to the enterprises that win China patent Gold Medal, which is in the forefront of the national economic and development zones.In recent years, Wuhan Economic development Zone has supported the construction of technological innovation capacity of enterprises. Driven by digital economy and intelligent manufacturing, a number of technology centers, RESEARCH and development platforms, brand demonstration enterprises and “specialized and special new” enterprises have emerged.Up to now, there are more than 500 high-tech enterprises, 59 r&d centers at or above provincial level, 1 “unicorn enterprise”, 82 “Gazelle enterprise” and 135 “little giant” enterprises in science and technology.”We will take the initiative to take the lead and provide targeted services to enterprises.”District bureau of science and Economics responsible person introduced, this year will be online enterprise policy cash cloud platform, from the acquisition of policies, to declare incentives, to receive incentives to support funds, enterprises “do not run”.At the same time, we will introduce a comprehensive list of “free, free” policies and tailor tailored policy packages to provide a better business environment for enterprises.For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.