What is the role of car wax

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Car wax has static, waterproof, high temperature resistance and other functions, can effectively prevent the aging of car paint.When a car is moving, it rubs against the air, forming static electricity, and the wax insulates air and dust.Cars are often exposed to the air, and inevitably will be affected by wind and rain. In clear sunshine, these droplets of water are like a raised lens. In this case, they can produce high temperatures of 800 to 1000 degrees Celsius, resulting in black spots on the paint surface, which seriously affect the quality and service life of the paint.In addition, water droplets tend to corrode bare metal surfaces.The mechanism of high temperature resistance of car wax is that it can effectively reflect incident light in different directions onto the paint film or base paint.Polishing is the most basic function of car wax, the car on the wax, can let its gloss change, let it change back to the original color;Car paint is an early beauty method, but its role is small, and the waxing is not uniform, easy to leave wax marks, and it is difficult to do it yourself.The car is new, so we can consider going up the next level.The cost of beauty salon coating is still relatively high, but if you buy it again, it saves money and trouble, because the coating agent only needs to be wiped on the car body, and does not need to wax as troublesome as the last time.The advantage of the coating is that it protects the body better and it lasts longer, lasting at least three months at a time.And this paint is not only suitable for cars, but also for cars, cars, rearview mirrors, etc., because this paint will not produce hydrophilic car, and its shape is also very light, will not cause any impact on the glass, and when it rains, the car will not gather rain, which is not on the car.