Wang Dongfeng gave her the first torch!Zhangjiakou Olympic Torch Relay begins!

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Stamp blue word “Zhangjiakou Politics and Law” pay attention to us oh!The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Torch relay officially began in Zhangjiakou at 10:50 am today. The launch ceremony was held at the Ancient Ape Statue Square of Nihewan National Archaeological Site Park in Yangyuan County.At 10 am 50 points, the archaeological sites in YangYuan county mud river park australopithecus pictures sculpture square, the flame, ignition torch guards from kindling the fire in the lamp and hebei provincial party committee secretary, director of the standing committee of the provincial dong-feng wang took the torch, formally handed over to the first torchbearer wang, from the fire of ancient Olympia, Greece Olympic arena, across time and space,In the “homeland of eastern mankind” relay.Around 11 o ‘clock in the morning, the winter Olympic flame entrance, lit the flame, the audience applause.The first torchbearer is Wang Han, an athlete from Hebei Provincial Swimming Management Center, who won the first gold medal for China’s national diving team in the synchronized 3-meter springboard event at the 32nd Summer Olympics in Tokyo.In the “Together to the Future” music, the audience stood up, Wang Han took the torch, zhangjiakou torch relay officially started.At the scene, Wang Han said excitedly that it is a great honor to participate in the Olympic Torch relay in his hometown. He wished all athletes good results and a complete success of the Olympic Games.According to relevant arrangements, the Beijing Winter Olympic Torch relay will be held in Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou from February 2 to 4.The Olympic torch arrived in Zhangjiakou after finishing its relay at the Beijing World Grape Expo Park in Yanqing this morning.Zhangjiakou division relay on February 3, a total of 5 points, are outside the closed loop closed relay area, followed by YangYuan county mud bay national archaeological site park, zhangbei county DE sheng village, qiaodong district, zhangjiakou industry important cultural theme park, the ritual area can ski and qiaoxi zhangjiakou entry door site, will continue to 18 PM,This will be followed by an evening urban showcase.The Torch relay for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will cover a distance of 14.92 kilometers at five relay stations in Zhangjiakou. The relay will end at Dajingmen and return to Beijing.The torch for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be carried by about 1,200 torchbearers on The night of February 4 to light the main torch tower at the National Stadium.The torch for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games arrives at The Nihewan Archaeological Park in Yangyuan County of Zhangjiakou after its relay in Beijing’s Yanqing district on February 3.A total of 65 torchbearers took part in the relay.Among them, Zhangbei County Tailugou township party committee member, the chairman of the National People’s Congress Duan Yanqing, Yangyuan no. 2 middle school 380 class students Hao Shuai, Yangyuan County Xinbao township 40 mu beach village first secretary, team leader Sun Guoliang, Zhangjiakou City Public Security Bureau special police detachment a brigade captain Yan Jianfei and other torchbearers participated in the relay.Source | | hebei daily, zhangjiakou news