Net loan overdue for more than a year, why no one collection, not prosecuted?Collectors reveal ‘dirt’

2022-08-05 0 By

Online loans have become the choice of young people. With the rapid development of economy, people’s disposable income has been greatly improved. At the same time, people’s consumption level has also increased.Especially for young people, they no longer value saving as much as the older generation, but are more open and have a higher acceptance of overspending.Many young people from the campus into the society, will choose to do credit card, however, the application of credit card requirements are more strict, if just graduated, do not have a certain asset, social security has not paid, it is generally difficult to apply for success.As of the first half of 2021, there are about 6,686 online loan platforms of small loan companies in China, which is still very amazing.In order to make more profits, online loan companies have fewer loan requirements and lower threshold setting. Some online loan companies even can borrow money without the borrower’s proof. In this way, people who cannot borrow money from banks will choose online loan platforms with fewer requirements and faster lending.Especially for young people, the proportion of online loans is even higher.Bring network loans z is not the cause of the “collection” in general, the shall be the day of payment, if there is no active mortgage borrowers, there will be a collection agent for collection, but also some exceptions, such as some hook no loan repayment on time, may have time for a year now, no one collection, nor be prosecuted, and this is why?In fact, not being collected is not the net loan platform forgot, some collectors revealed that the reasons for not being collected generally include these.First of all, the net credit of the company’s business is very large, only a collection agent may be in the face of more than 30 loan details, is likely to be busy not to come over, and in all the business, will be the first choice loan amount greater priority, when these “big head” process after completion, return the money to collect small borrowers loan amount.Bring young people to net loans in addition, the net loan company by borrower loan principal and interest to borrow money, part of the network platform in order to grab more loan interest, would deliberately delay collection, in this way, if the borrower himself did not notice the repayment dates, failed to timely payment will generate high gold and interest on overdue, once appear this kind of circumstance,The net loan company also includes the collection of overdue gold when urging payment again.Another situation is the bankruptcy of the online loan platform, which will lead to the delay of payment urging.When the online loan platform goes bankrupt, the original business will be packaged and sold to the new online loan platform. When the new online loan platform takes over the statistics of the original business, the collection personnel will collect it again, which usually takes a period of time.Pay the loan on schedule, reasonable consumption to understand the reason for not being collected after the loan from the network platform, must not have a fluke psychology, even if the network loan platform bankruptcy, it does not mean that you can “escape” without repayment, on the contrary, it is likely to carry more debt, facing huge economic pressure.There is a saying that “it is not difficult to borrow and pay again”. At ordinary times, we often hear the saying that “it is only natural to repay debts”.Once the loan, whether through individuals or platforms, should be repaid on time, before the loan must ensure that they can repay, otherwise, once overdue, there may be credit problems, the future life will be affected.Bring net loan debt burden when young people just step into society, wages may be low at first, you can understand the demand for money, but must develop good consumption habits, if there is a loan to remember the payment on time, more important is a daily rational consumption, not just for the sake of “window-dressing, face” splurged on luxury goods, and high-grade place,Instead, we should be down-to-earth and work hard.