Focus on which schools will be built in 2022 in each district of Taiyuan?

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Taiyuan announced its 2022 government work plan, emphasizing the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, placing education in a strategic position of priority development, and running education to the satisfaction of the people. A number of new schools will be built to expand the coverage of education and quality education resources.Three public kindergartens and nine school canteens have been built in Jiancaoping District.Introduce high quality education resources from inside and outside the province, deepen cooperation with Beijing Normal University;Fully implement the “double reduction” requirements, let schools return to the main position of education;Efforts will be made to build schools, hospitals, parks, police stations, and community service centers in the Sanhui area, which will provide 90,000 square meters of public services, and promote the construction of a “15-minute living circle” across the region.Xinghualing District has completed the hardware upgrading and transformation of district No. 5 Middle School, Xingdong Primary School, Xiaodong Men Primary School, Xiangtang Xijie Primary School, Jinxiuyuan Primary School and District Experimental Primary School, and implemented xinjian Road Primary School, Xindao Street Primary School and Wuyi Primary School renovation projects.Deepen the reform of “university district system”, accelerate the construction of Rongxin Branch school of Houxiaohe Primary Education Group, Qiandu Dongshanqing Branch School and Country Garden Branch school of Xinghualing Primary Education Group, and add 4,320 high-quality academic degrees;The projects of reconstruction and expansion of Balingqiao Primary School, construction of Xinghualing Primary School (east Campus), construction of Xiaozaogou public kindergarten and nine-year boarding school, and comprehensive relocation and renovation of Junxing Technical School;We implemented the renovation and expansion of kangle Kindergarten and district experimental kindergarten with high standards, and built three public kindergartens.With public parks as the main extension of childcare services, 12 “public parks + childcare parks” have been created.Wanbailin District will introduce taiyuan Experimental primary schools, give full play to the radiating and driving role of high-quality resources, and improve the education and teaching level of the district;Increase the construction of public kindergartens;Give full play to the “leading effect” of Park Road Primary School Education Group and Xinghua Preschool Education Group to realize the integration and sharing of high-quality education resources;We will continue to implement the renovation and expansion projects of Xinghua Street Primary School and other schools, and carry out the educational technology and equipment renovation projects of Park Road Primary School, Yumen Garden Campus, Phoenix Bilingual Second Experimental Primary School and other schools.Yingze District has introduced the affiliated school of Central China Normal University, a national famous education brand, to build high-quality high schools and primary schools, helping to enhance the soft power of education in the district;3 primary schools, including taoyuan Primary School branch school, were rebuilt, adding 1800 degrees;Wangjiafeng and other 3 public kindergartens were built, adding 720 degrees;Three new private inclusive kindergartens were identified, covering 93% of all kindergartens.We will promote group-run schools, narrow the gap between urban and rural schools, and expand the coverage of quality educational resources.Jinyuan District will speed up the construction of Jinyuan Campus of The High School attached to Shandong University and realize the early running of school within this year.Promoting the district experimental middle School complex building and Yao Village Middle School renovation and expansion project;Implement the lighting system renovation project for primary and secondary schools in the district, and gradually realize the full coverage of eye-protection lighting in public primary and secondary school classrooms;Speed up the construction of education informationization, realize the application of education resources and synchronous classroom;As the first of ten initiatives to improve the people’s wellbeing this year, we launched a project to improve the quality of education in a balanced way, creating 7,200 new high-quality academic degrees across the region.The small store area vigorously promoted the renovation and expansion of 5 schools, such as Small Shop No. 3 Middle School, Dawu Primary School and New Star Kindergarten;Fendong Middle School has been built and jinyang Street Primary school and other three primary and secondary schools have been renovated and expanded.A total of 4,140 new academic degrees were added, and three public kindergartens including liujiapu Township Central Kindergarten were added.Qingxu County accelerated the construction of Qingxu Middle School, county city middle school relocation, Zi Lin Road primary school apple Orchard school and Qingyuan kindergarten new projects;Promote jinhe, Terriyang two public participation schools into public schools.Yangqu County has implemented three major projects (Taiyuan Shouyi Education Park, vocational high school teaching building and apartment building, and a new kindergarten) to provide more adequate, equal and high-quality public education services;Focus on the three carriers (” double reduction “, scientific research, characteristics) to build three high-quality demonstration schools at home.Loufan County has increased efforts to support loufan Middle School and Junyu Experimental School in co-running schools, and continues to open 2 Junyu Experimental School aerospace classes to build an influential school with aerospace characteristics in the city.We will start the construction of Chenhui kindergarten and Chenxu Kindergarten, and accelerate the maintenance and renovation of no.2 middle school, No.1 primary school, No.2 primary school, No.4 Primary school and Jianshan School.The first of this year’s ten practical matters concerning people’s livelihood is the construction of junyu Experimental School’s integrated building for teachers and students’ services.Gujiao launched the dongcheng nine-year school dormitory construction project and gujiao No. 2 Middle School dormitory building and canteen project, renovated and upgraded the infrastructure of Gujiao No. 1 Middle School, Gujiao No. 2 High School and Gujiao No. 3 Primary school, built tuncun kindergarten, and implemented the smart campus upgrading project of 21 middle and primary schools.Four schools in the Eastern New Town will be equipped with facilities, toilets in 15 township schools will be upgraded and fire fighting facilities in six schools will be upgraded.Two of this year’s top 10 items are related to schools, including the standardization of middle and college entrance examination centres and the renovation of 11 classrooms for information technology examinations in junior high schools.I live in Longcheng