Csia’s two bases in the Greater Bay Area signed a contract to increase production capacity by 100GWh

2022-08-05 0 By

On January 25th, CSIA held the investment cooperation agreement signing activity with guangzhou Huadu District People’s Government.According to the agreement, the planned production capacity of CSIA guangzhou base project is 50GWh, and the main products include power battery and energy storage system.The project is divided into two phases to build a leading, green and intelligent benchmark industrial base.On January 26, The People’s Government of Jiangmen city signed a project investment cooperation agreement with CSIA, and CSIA 50GWh industrial base was officially settled in Jiangmen city.Csia said that the signing of the Guangzhou base and Jiangmen base project is another important milestone in accelerating its global layout, marking the overall landing of the “Greater Bay Area industrial cluster” strategic layout, and will provide strong support for the company to achieve its strategic goals.Csia plans to have a production capacity of 500GWh in 2025, and it is expected to reach 1TWh in 2030. In terms of the deployment of production capacity bases, Changzhou, Luoyang, Xiamen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Hefei and Heilongjiang industrial bases have been set up in China, and the guangzhou and Jiangmen bases this time will form nine domestic industrial bases.In terms of customer support, CSIA deeply binds its own brands and collaborates with the new forces of car manufacturing to climb up. At the same time, its competitiveness in supporting foreign brands is also continuously improving.Among them, GaC Aeon and Xiaopeng located in Guangdong are both important customers of CSIA.In 2021, GAC Eon’s annual sales volume exceeded 120,000 units. As an important strategic partner of GAC Eon, China Innovation Aviation’s contribution to the installed capacity has exceeded 75%.At the same time, CSCNA has been designated by all models of Xiaopeng Automobile, and has achieved power battery matching for xiaopeng P5/P7 mass production models.