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In these messages, there are difficulties and persistence, there are also regrets and joys and sorrows.Here can see the human temperature, also can taste bitter hot sour sweet.▲ Some messages in the message area of shenzhen Health Commission official account.Figure number/shenzhen WeiJianWei public article comments section graphic | and raw “day, 00, 00.Today’s first wish, Shenzhen consecutive 4 days of zero new, spring, summer, autumn, winter “” with Xiaowei single 20 years for Shenzhen epidemic zero” “don’t go back to the village, cuihua will be robbed by others” “only mom at home, want to go home to accompany her for a New Year, cook for her”……The above is the message left by netizens in the message area of shenzhen Health Commission public account.A wave of epidemic, overnight, shenzhen people all “star”.The official account of shenzhen Health Commission has inadvertently become a “message tree hole”, in which people write their wishes for the early end of the epidemic, their longing for family reunion and their imagination for a better future after the epidemic.Approaching the Spring Festival, it is the heart of countless “Shenzhen people” to go home. However, due to the sudden arrival of the new wave of epidemic, they cannot go home smoothly. Therefore, it is natural for thousands of people to have a reunion at home.They chose “deep small wei” as the platform, is not unexpected.▲ Shenzhen Health Commission dominetically replied to the comment area for help “phone me”, pregnant women successfully hospitalized.Shenzhen Health Commission’s public account has always been known for being close to the people, with varied styles and harmonious harmony. It is often welcomed by fans and is called by netizens as the “most down-to-earth” public account of the Health Commission in China.Through “Shenxiaowei”, netizens can not only obtain authoritative and reliable information about the epidemic situation, but also “respond to every request”. Netizens can ask for medical help by leaving messages.Some time ago, “Shenxiaowei” xiaobian arrogant message “call me”, efficient coordination to help users get nucleic acid report, so that the user is about to give birth to his wife smooth medical treatment, won a piece of praise, and let users of “Shenxiaowei” goodwill increase.People hope to pour out their inner words and express their purest and simplest wishes through such a public platform, which is authoritative and close to the people, willing to treat others with goodwill and sincerity.In these messages, there are difficulties and persistence, there are also regrets and joys and sorrows.Here can see the human temperature, also can taste bitter hot sour sweet.

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▲ Faced with the help of netizens, Shenzhen Health Commission reappeared heroic response, rescue 3 cats trapped in the confirmed building for 100 hours.”This message is in memory of my grandfather who passed away yesterday. He raised me for many years, but I could not see him for the last time!””My father was diagnosed with cancer and will not come back this year. I don’t know if there will be next year.”Behind every short sentence, there is a long story.These thousands of words, depicting the epidemic situation, but also let people see the world’s most precious true feelings.”I hope there will be no repeat of the epidemic and all those who oppose it can go home safely for the Spring Festival.””A netizen, whose husband is a doctor in the quarantine area, wrote in the comments section.”Try to make up my mind to stay in Shenzhen this year, I hope I can make more friends this year”, a netizen who is struggling in Shenzhen, set up a flag for himself.Through the “Deep small wei” message area, the voice is transmitted, praying as if there is an echo.Thanks to the message area of “Deep Xiao Wei”, thousands of yearning to go home were heard and seen.This is a unique social and cultural phenomenon caused by the fact that the traditional wish to go home for the Spring Festival is “against” reality under the shadow of the epidemic. “Shen Xiaowei” ‘s message tree hole happens to contain the wishes of thousands of netizens, and also makes people feel a huge emotional resonance.Many people long for going home during the Spring Festival.We believe that when the haze dissipates, everything will return to the right track, so that those who wait will no longer be waiting, so that reunion will no longer be a regret.Beijing special correspondent | and raw (media) to edit | | ding hui intern f the proofreading | li-jun