Russia drew a red line and NATO trampled it!Russian army: three nations will be wiped out in case of war

2022-08-04 0 By

Recently, THE US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan handed over a written reply to Russia’s draft security guarantee, saying that the US cannot accept Russia’s demands, including a halt to NATO’s eastward expansion and the deployment of offensive weapons near the Russian border.According to the Russian side, the official attitude of the West to the Russian proposal is “no”.On the contrary, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova pointed out that The Russian side is not surprised by this statement from the West, which often does not match words with deeds, according to The Financial Union news agency.Moscow is doing everything it can to bring the United States and its Western Allies down to earth and say they must live up to their obligations.Major General Alexei Archakov, deputy secretary of state for Russia’s Security Council, also warned that a conflict in Europe would wipe the Baltic states off the face of the earth.The Russian army has so much firepower that in the event of a war, the Baltic states, Poland and Romania would be saturated with missiles.Small countries such as the Baltic states, in particular, could be paralysed.More than two decades of NATO’s eastward expansion have brought almost all of Russia’s former Warsaw military bloc and even the former Soviet republics into the western military fold.There is now very little geostrategic space for Russia to live in.If NATO continues to expand eastward to include Ukraine and Georgia, There will be no room for Russia to catch its breath.In order to defend its own strategic security interests, Russia must put an end to NATO’s decades-long eastward expansion at any cost.Therefore, the proposed list of Russian security guarantees submitted by Russia to the United States and NATO is actually a red line of war drawn by the Polar bear for the West. Any transgression by the West may touch Russia’s bottom line of war, thus turning the Ukraine crisis into an act of war.The fact that the United States did not accept the Russian list is not because Washington’s policymakers have the guts and capital to go to war with Russia, but because the United States is humbled by Russia’s red line of war.Although the United States never intended to admit Ukraine to NATO in the first place, where does it make the superpower look good in the future for Biden to open his mouth and make such a promise to Putin?So, the United States in response to Russia’s recommendations writing, not only refuses to make commitments, but also want to samaritans, demanded that Russia to reduce in the border areas within the territory of belarus and Ukraine garrison, at the same time, the United States will also “Russia to Ukraine military threat level”, as its disarmament with the United States and the establishment of trust mechanism is the premise of issues such as negotiations.In addition, the United States has repeatedly threatened sanctions against Russia, while refusing to make such commitments.At the same time, President Biden approved the deployment of additional troops to Eastern Europe, warning Putin that “8,500 U.S. troops are on high alert.”The clear hope is that a combination of military coercion and the threat of sanctions will force the Kremlin to withdraw its war red lines against the West.But this is just wishful thinking. In Russia’s eyes, an America that does not dare to wage another war is actually a paper tiger that is not even good enough to scare people.No matter how the situation in Ukraine develops, the SO-CALLED “punitive measures” of the US against Russia are limited to the area of economic sanctions.So whatever the American menace, here in Russia it is hardly threatening.As European capitals try to cool down the crisis in Ukraine, the Biden administration’s recent moves on the issue suggest the United States has run out of options in the crisis.In such circumstances, if the United States persists in its intransigence over Russia’s proposals, it will be the United States itself, not Russia, that will be on the hook.So from what Zakharova has just said, Russia does not intend to withdraw the red line of war, but to put further pressure on the West to force the United States to meet its obligations, or make commitments, on the Russian proposal.