Horn sonorous speech ox dream strong army to welcome the Tiger

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Kai Brother clear New Year, dancing and dancing continue to struggle new atmosphere.Recently, with the exciting “Dragon Teng And Tiger Leaping To celebrate the New Year”, a brigade of the 74th Group Army in 2022 “Strive for a strong Army, Pursue the dream of youth” Spring Festival gala performance grand opening.Always keep in mind that confidentiality is heavy, vigilant leaks.Crosstalk “Xie Mi’s Troubles” tells the story of the daily use of mobile phones by officers and soldiers and the secrecy between the defense in a light and humorous language, deeply learning from experience and lessons, and strengthening the “four anti-secrecy” awareness.Who says women are inferior to men, soft shoulders can bear heavy burdens.A female soldier’s performance of “Give Youth a Haircut” vividly shows a girl’s journey in the army.When youth meets youth, cut off long hair, hit the most enthusiastic spark, is the power of youth, but also the call of The Times.”Courage like iron, bone like fine steel, a wide – minded man with a long vision.”The martial arts program “Jingwu Loyal Soul” shows the quintessence of Chinese martial arts through the combination of boxing, sword and stick skills. They are resolute in punching and kicking. They reflect the power of Chinese men incisively and vividly and highlight the youth’s vigor and vitality with blood.There is a mission called loyalty, there is a responsibility called sharp knife.The vigorous dance of the men’s song “Go to War now” accompanied by the magnificent singing shows the heroic demeanor of the brigade in the 2021 annual exercise, and reflects the firm belief of the brigade to build a strong army and the heroic determination of the brigade to train and improve its troops.Determined to build a strong army new journey, swagger new youth.The rock band sang rock on the New Long March, showing the high passion and morale of all the young officers and soldiers through flexible and bold performance forms and passionate music rhythm.”In 1984, the crops were still being harvested.”Through “father’s prose poetry” to complete a dialogue through time and space, “diary” there is no gorgeous words, only the mountain father love, sincere feelings straight heart.The soldier said that the military affairs down-to-earth, the soldier play the most moving.With one heart and one mind, a nation can thrive.The short piece “Epidemic” is a true story about the epidemic prevention and containment of grass-roots troops in the camp.Epidemic is an order, prevention and control is a responsibility, the virus can be isolated, but warmth will not.Reflect the unit strict and solid epidemic prevention and control daily management, everyone is epidemic prevention and control, all are fighters.”Distant mountain village flames flicker, gradually bright well-off thinking.”Women singing and dancing with beautiful songs, graceful dance to sing the revival of the road of the motherland like brocade prosperity.The people in the lights work hard, every word is tender and delicate, like poetry and picturesque artistic conception.All the officers and soldiers were immersed in it, feeling the picturesque mountains and rivers of the motherland, showing the vast mountains and rivers, our mission to protect.Light and shadow interwoven music melody, vocal music with the same frequency played triumphal song, the party ended successfully, the party deduces the brigade all officers and soldiers actively implement the spirit of the sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee portrayal of the original heart, and practice the combat spirit of training for war, bear in mind the mission and responsibility, always hard practice the ability to strengthen the army.To move forward, by dream strong army.(Li Yaoyan Xinjian, Hong Chang, Chen Min Hang) Source: National Defense Times Editor: Lin 澘 Editor: Zhu Hai Tonglian: National Defense Times News Center 2028960156@qq.com