This Spring Festival, young people are flooding into medical beauty institutions

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February 3 report (Article/Sheng Jiaying Han Wenjing) 2021, the Internet industry is on thin ice.A series of policies have been issued to correct the irregular development and operation, disorderly expansion of capital and creation of social anxiety in some Internet + subsectors.The Internet medical beauty industry has also been chilled by the issue of creating lookanxiety advertisements.However, with the coming of the Spring Festival, the medical beauty market ushered in a new growth opportunity, a small wave of medical beauty peak, is coming.”During the Spring Festival, I have blind dates, classmates and relatives’ parties, so I want to do a wave of medical beauty before the Spring Festival. I often stay up late at work to keep my skin in better condition.”Li is not alone in seeking medical beauty during Spring Festival.It used to be that manicure, hair color and eyelashes were the go-to thing for beauty.In recent two years, with the continuous upgrading of the pursuit of beauty, medical beauty has become a new way of life.New Year become beautiful three sets, also upgraded to the present water needle botox hyaluronic acid.Want to be in the Chinese New Year, quietly become beautiful amazing everyone.According to relevant data, the number of medical and aesthetic consultation increased in the early Spring Festival, and the TOP3 items of consultation in the last three months were double eyelid, female private plastic surgery and pouch removal. The medical and aesthetic consulting agency predicted that during the Spring Festival in 2022, double eyelid, skin improvement and hyaluronic acid injection would be the most popular three items.Medical beauty institutions also recovered from the cooling, ushered in new growth opportunities.For users, the Spring Festival is a good time to become beautiful.The Spring Festival is also an important time for organizations to “make money”.With the increase of the cost of expanding customers and operating costs, many medical beauty institutions have to start a marketing war in order to compete for market share.As the Spring Festival began, the internal volume of medical beauty institutions also began, carrying out activities such as “hardcore pet fans” and “appearance level year-end bonus”. Some beauty institutions even launched 666 yuan appearance level voucher, “Ace project, one yuan second kill” and other projects.”RMB 3888 for a group of three, RMB 2888 for a group of two and RMB 1888 for a group of one.”Stars, a full-on beauty medical institutions launched a “year-end blessing bag” activities, head of the sessions tell end of cloud network activities aggressively hunting, more preferential than usual, the bag with a total of five projects, including tachyons once, philo jia above a special nursing, 7 d medical powerful two, li can moisturizing hydrating and medical mask two boxes.But in order to get the best price, it is necessary to join a group of friends, which is also a common tactic used by medical beauty agencies. Only in this way can beauty seekers take the initiative to bring others around them.Liu Yu said that because there are some classic projects in the bag, the old customers will basically buy again, and the rules of group activities, also make it possible to “bring the old with the new”.At present, the projects of surgery and skin management in our institution have been ranked no. 29. How long will it take for the number of people to double as usual?We only have four days off for the Spring Festival, and we already have a lot of bookings after the third day.””The price of 1888 yuan included so many items, which really impressed me. Even a single tachyon is 1,000 yuan less.”Lu posted the news to his best friends’ wechat group, giving them “Amway.”Want to pull good friends and their group shopping, and then enjoy the lowest price.In addition to regular year-end activities such as buying cheaper in groups, in recent years, some medical beauty organizations have begun to experiment with live streaming, hoping to enjoy the bonus period of live streaming. Live streaming has also endowed Medical beauty with new marketing power and customer acquisition power.In order to better drainage for the guest, part of the beauty medical institutions in years ago launched “photoelectric beautiful skin ageing” special “lip younger” live, invited the Chinese medical doctor association of related professionals in the medical beauty knowledge sharing, and to take this opportunity to the related medical beauty packaging sales activities of the project, the user while watching live popularize knowledge, can at any time order the medical beauty products of the project.In addition, Heli Medical Beauty, a beauty chain in Wuhan, has launched a lipstick offering “Spring Festival open service for beauty seekers”, saying that all surgeries and skin treatments can be booked during the 2022 Spring Festival, which is from the first to the sixth day.”We also have doctors from junior one to junior six, and all staff will work on junior seven.”Xiao Fang, who is in charge of Heli Medical Beauty, told that the decision to close the shop during the Spring Festival is on the one hand in response to the local Spring Festival policy, and on the other hand, because the Spring Festival is really a key point of marketing. “During the Spring Festival, people visit relatives and friends and get together with classmates, so the demand for beauty is more enthusiastic than usual.”Xiao Fang said that a few days before the Spring Festival, their organization launched a lucky draw of “appearance level coupons”. Anyone who buys 666 yuan worth of appearance level coupons can win gifts such as mobile phones and hair dryers, all in order to attract visitors.The upsurge of “beautifying” during the Spring Festival is behind the demand spurt, which is the escalating marketing war of medical beauty institutions.When the project was upgraded, users said, “Before going home for the New Year, I must do a skin management treat myself.”Chen Zishu, 24, has been in contact with Medmei for two or three years and is a standard “regular customer”.During the Spring Festival, Chen arranged for herself a new project that is very popular this year — The Haifi Show.The Hafid show has been popular around the world for more than a decade, but it only became popular in China in the last year, once being called the “Hermes” of skin cleaning.Compared with small bubble cleaning, Haifisu’s vortex pressure technology makes cleaning harder without damaging the skin barrier, which is much better, Chen said.”There are three steps, the first step is full face cleansing and rejuvenation, the second step is local deep cleansing and rejuvenation, the third step is nourishing repair, each step with essence introduction.”In the price, Hafid show and small bubble also presented a significant difference.The more common price of haifei show on the market is basically in 500-1000 yuan, there are also some more than 1000 yuan of treatment, and the smallest bubbles can be done as long as dozens of yuan.Since this year, the medical beauty industry emerged many new projects such as the Philippines show, injected in the photoelectric beautiful skin, resistance to failure of the instrument, beauty items, and other fields are born hot style, including ultrasonic gun, fotona4D and so on, are mainly concentrated in the field of light medical beauty, these projects short treatment time, increases with the increasing do walk, short recovery time and even no recovery time,Perfect for beauty lovers who want to have a “first aid” before the Spring Festival.”In this Spring Festival, my biggest feeling is that many medical beauty programs have been upgraded compared to the past, and some of the instruments have been upgraded.”This is yu nanlu’s sixth year of practicing medical beauty. Before returning to her hometown for the Chinese New Year, she tried Fotona4D, an anti-aging program that has been very popular in recent years.After the hot Maggie fire, more and more anti-aging projects have emerged in the medical beauty market, among which Fotona4D has become a popular “anti-aging new pet”.Fotona4D is also called Eurostar, is a laser radio frequency instrument, with the effect of tightening and lifting, and the price is more close to the people than tens of thousands of hot maggie, do a price of about 4000 yuan.”There were four patterns, and it took over an hour, and basically no empathy, and it was totally within my comfort zone.”Yu Nan lu expresses, do not know is psychological effect, feeling double chin is small after finishing, and the glossiness of skin whole the next day is also a lot of.For these “new species” of medical beauty project, Yu Nanlu showed a positive attitude of trying, “as long as there is a result, I am very willing to do it for a long time, after all, for most girls, the pursuit of beauty is endless.”Equipment upgrading and project upgrading have become a new label in the medical beauty industry this year. Take the basic photoelectric skin care project Photon Rejuvenation for example, it has been upgraded to the seventh generation of “AOPT superphoton”, and two new filters have been added compared with the previous photon, specifically for acne and red blood spots.Under the general trend of consumption upgrading, consumer demand is also leading the changes in the supply of medical beauty products and services.In the continuous iteration and upgrade, the medical beauty industry will also emerge more explosive products comparable to hot maggie.With the upgrading of consumption and the public’s demand for beauty, the development prospect and market space of the medical beauty industry are getting bigger and bigger.Especially in the case of the expansion of consumption age structure, the medical beauty industry will have strong growth certainty, while the medical beauty industry will enjoy the double dividend of increasing penetration rate and increasing proportion.According to network data, the proportion of non-surgical users continued to rise from 72.6 percent to 83.1 percent from 2019 to 2021.Many enterprises want to share the cake of medical beauty.Yunnan Baiyao, the “top Chinese medicine company”, recently announced that it plans to increase its capital by 500 million yuan to become a shareholder of its affiliated medical beauty company to promote the ecological layout of the medical beauty industry chain.On the second day of the announcement, Yunnan Baiyao rose nearly 6 per cent in early trading, reflecting the capital market’s optimism about yunnan Baiyao’s entry into the local hospital.Haohai Biological, a biomedical enterprise, also crosses the boundary of medical beauty, and continues to expand and increase medical beauty business.Capital is also on the move.According to the Investment and Financing Report of Medical Beauty Industry 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the Report), from January to December 2021, 35 investment and financing events took place in the medical beauty industry. Among the projects with disclosed financing amount, the total financing amount reached about 18.934 billion yuan. Under the impetus of competition and capital, the industry fell into a situation of savage growth.Until August, the Website of the State Administration for Market Regulation issued a law enforcement Guide for Medical beauty advertisements (Draft for Comments) to solicit opinions, which pointed out that it would focus on cracking down on medical beauty advertisements that create facial anxiety.Medical beauty industry has the strongest regulation.After the early savage growth, the medical beauty industry has cooled down in the past year. It has become a trend to transform from extensive development to refined development, and the industry will be more rational.Despite this, the growth rate of medical beauty market will still exceed 20% in 2021.The performance of medical stocks is also very bright.In the third quarter of 2021, Huaxi Bio achieved a total revenue of 1.076 billion yuan, up 65.69% year-on-year, and a net profit of 195 million yuan, up 14.22% year-on-year.Aimeike achieved total revenue of 390 million yuan, up 75.09% year on year, net profit of 259 million yuan, up 86.03% year on year;The total revenue of New Oxygen technology is 431.5 million yuan, up 20.0% year on year, and the net profit is 28.9 million yuan, up 9.6% year on year. With the arrival of the small peak of medical beauty in the Spring Festival, this “beauty-making carnival” will continue.