Saic Volkswagen new generation Polo Plus

2022-08-03 0 By

We’ve already gone over what the new Polo Plus will look like, so I won’t repeat it here.In addition, the tail of the model has the same personality, exhaust uses hidden design.The rear of the vehicle uses a large number of sharp lines, enhance the visual effect of the rear.Previously, Volkswagen introduced a new interior design inside the Polo brand for the first time, with the new car adopting a more dynamic design style.The interior of the new car is designed in black and beige, which is very fashionable and dynamic with chrome trim.Inside the car a lot of hard lines, and angular body design echoes.The standard parking stop and energy recovery system greatly improves the Polo’s driving economy.Among them, the LCD instrument panel, large size central control screen, front and back USB interfaces, automatic headlights, wireless charging and other practical configurations are equipped, the overall configuration level is quite rich.The design of the new Polo Plus is more youthful, so there is a lot of sincerity in the configuration.This exquisite design is not only reflected in the interior space performance, but also has a high level in other aspects, which is why Volkswagen models can be popular in the domestic market.In terms of space and power, the hatchback version of the new Polo is no worse than those hatchback models, and it doesn’t sacrifice rear space for sporty positioning.In addition, while having ample ride space, the whole car 20 storage grid design layout is clever, so that the storage function is more complete, but also let carry-on items take more convenient.