Rongchang Public Security police participate in the region’s 2022 New Year’s flag-raising ceremony

2022-08-03 0 By

Loyal and responsible, forging a strong iron army.On February 7, rongchang District Committee, district government held a grand flag-raising ceremony, deputy district chief, district public Security Bureau chief Tang Lie led a team of more than 30 police attended the ceremony.At 8:30 a.m., the police dressed in police dress, police dress, orderly formation in the district people’s square, the flag guard team marched with sonorous and powerful steps to guard the five-star red flag forward, accompanied by the magnificent “March of the Volunteers”, the bright five-star red flag slowly rising, fluttering in the wind, all the police face the five-star red flag solemn salute.They all said that the flag-raising ceremony encouraged morale and encouraged people to forge ahead. In the New Year, they would further strengthen the spirit of loyalty, carry forward the style of bearing hardships, fighting and dedication, and devote themselves to their own work with more enthusiasm.During the Spring Festival of 2022, Rongchang District Public Security Bureau strictly implemented the security work in accordance with the work deployment, and deepened the practice of the police philosophy of “taking the first step and taking the initiative”. With the highest standing position, the strictest standards and the most thorough measures, all police mobilized and went all out to devote themselves to the security work.All the auxiliary police stick to their posts and fulfill their duties. With the strong political responsibility and dedication of the people’s police, they maintain the overall social security and stability of the whole region.