More than 6,000 Hunan CDC staff are on duty for you

2022-08-03 0 By

Sanxiang Metropolis Daily · Huasheng Online January 31 (all media reporter Li Qi correspondent Li Hefeng) one day to receive the highest number of epidemic prevention and control consultation calls 31,731, for the people to solve their doubts;The microbiological testing team has deployed 1,478 nucleic acid testing personnel on 24-hour shifts to ensure early detection and reporting of the epidemic.724 mobile teams with 4,254 members were organized to respond to public health emergencies.During this year’s Spring Festival, hunan disease control system more than 6,000 cadres and workers on emergency duty to ensure peace and stability during the Spring Festival.(The microbiological inspection team works in 24-hour shifts to ensure early detection and reporting of the epidemic.During the Spring Festival of 2022, the number of people returning to Hunan from abroad and other provinces will increase, and the mobility of people in Hunan and other provinces will increase, which will increase the risk of imported and spread of the epidemic. The prevention and control situation will be grim and complicated.Under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the provincial Party Committee, the provincial government and the Provincial Health Commission, the Hunan CDC adheres to the overall strategy of “preventing the importation from outside and the rebound from inside”, and insists on the combination of normal prevention and control and emergency response to strengthen the source control of the epidemic.We will strengthen the safe and orderly flow of personnel, multi-channel monitoring and early warning, key links of epidemic prevention and control, emergency response capacity, supervision and inspection, and responsibility implementation. We will carry out epidemic prevention and control in a scientific, precise and strict manner, minimize the impact on people’s production and life, and ensure that people enjoy a healthy and safe holiday.We will continue to make COVID-19 prevention and control the most urgent and important political task at present. We will make comprehensive arrangements for epidemic prevention and control before the Spring Festival, improve the command system, and establish six systems of regular meetings, official document review, information management, supervision and inspection, on-duty and logistics support.Seven groups have been set up, including comprehensive coordination, technical experts, on-site epidemic treatment, information reporting, inspection and testing, health education and post-production support.The province strengthened front-line supervision, carrying out 869 special prevention and control inspections before the Spring Festival, involving 2,658 supervisors, and assigning 1,334 epidemic prevention and control personnel at three stations (high-speed railway stations, subway stations, bus and passenger stations, and airports).A work plan for epidemic prevention and control was formulated, and the province organized 282 on-duty training and drills during the Spring Festival, involving 16,662 people.The microbiology testing team has deployed 1,478 nucleic acid testing personnel on 24-hour shifts to ensure early detection and reporting of the epidemic.During the Spring Festival, 6,077 people were on duty, 724 mobile teams for emergency response to public health emergencies with 4,254 members, and special personnel were on 24-hour emergency duty at key posts to build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control.Health education and public opinion guidance on epidemic prevention and control were strengthened in an all-round way. The province deployed 258 epidemic prevention and control hotline and arranged 1,079 experts to answer the hotline.According to sanxiang Metropolis Daily, the hotline currently receives 31,731 inquiries a day, and sends and receives 2,032 letters of assistance to people involved in the epidemic a day, helping people to clear up doubts and ensure safety and health during the Spring Festival.