Good news!Inner Mongolia primary and secondary schools, kindergartens to achieve full coverage!

2022-08-03 0 By

On February 7, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s public security department learned that in 2021, the region’s public security organs will strengthen internal security work in key parts and facilities such as schools, hospitals, subways and buses, crack down on prominent crimes such as gun explosions and gambling, and strive to build a modern integration of social governance.It is worth paying special attention to that, up to now, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens in the district “nursing post” Settings, closed management, full-time security guards equipped, one-button alarm and video monitoring system networking all reached 100%.It is learnt that in 2021, the public security organs in the region organized a special cleaning up of floating population and rental housing, found 579 criminal clues, investigated and handled 1,873 public security cases, punished 2,375 people and arrested 362 criminal suspects.A series of special inspections and safety inspections have been carried out. A total of 33,000 sites of various types have been inspected, and 1,004 potential safety hazards have been found and rectified. The safety of key facilities and key parts has been effectively protected, and security control in key industries and areas has been strengthened.We will carry out comprehensive patrol prevention and control in key areas, effectively increase the incidence of street police and in-charge, enhance deterrence and control, and tighten inspection and control of passages as well as social patrol prevention and control.A total of 260 days of inspection and control work was carried out at highway public security checkpoints where major events were held. 16 criminals of various types were seized and 22,000 controlled knives, inflammable and explosive and other contraband items were seized, effectively filtering out all kinds of dangerous and harmful factors.In 2021, the autonomous region public security department of public security management team within the district conducted a three-month kindergarten “produced” of primary and secondary schools of safety hidden dangers rectification action and “strictly controlled knives and other dangerous goods enter the campus” publicity and education and inventory activities, cumulative checking over and around campus security hidden danger, the point about 1141 public security,Investigation and resolution of 47 school-related conflicts and disputes;The 100-day action of “catch and prevent, control and protect safety” has been carried out for three months. A total of 520,000 police officers have been dispatched to patrol and control streets, 29,000 police cases have been dealt with, and 232 street robbery cases have been cracked down.In addition, the regional public security comprehensive business application system was completed and applied at the end of July last year, and has collected 980 million pieces of various public security business information