Arsenal moved ahead of Manchester United into fifth place as Liverpool beat Manchester City to score 60 goals

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In the early hours of February 11, Beijing time, the 2021-22 Premier League round 24 took place in the last two focus matches.Arsenal beat Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-0 away and Liverpool beat Leicester city 2-0 at home.United were held to a draw at bottom burnley two days ago and Tottenham were beaten at home by Southampton yesterday, giving Arsenal a chance to claim four.But wolves here are competing for the champions league qualification hopes, two teams after the opening exchanges, 25 minutes, Arsenal left corner kick opportunities, rob some elano Wright, goalkeeper jose’s attack errors and pin zett hit together without the ball, but draw CARDS zett take the lead in the ball will be swept away, gabriel to screen the ball into an empty net after point,Referee Oliver VAR confirmed lacazette had not collided with the goalkeeper and Arsenal opened the scoring 1-0.Since then the two sides fought for more than fierce, but not much killing.Easy edge and the 69th minute, Arsenal starlet Martin, is let’s see how to eat the fastest 2 yellow CARDS, also is not the kind of, Dui referee Martin in the first ball with lost, wolves fast throw-in, Martin in hand will directly kilman, then lightning recover to the kikwit mourinho to overthrow, two fouls in just 5 seconds,Referee Oliver did not relent, also directly gave Martinelli two yellow cards, two yellow to a red martinelli was sent off.In the last 20 minutes Arsenal had to play more than they had to play, but with Arsenal’s experience and the 72nd minute lacazette’s superb goal wide, they were able to defend 1-0 to end a two-game winless run.Under pressure from Manchester City to resume winning patterns, Liverpool continued their run of victories today.Liverpool opened the scoring 1-0 in the 33rd minute when Arnold flicked home a corner from the right and Van Dijk headed it in. Schmeichel struggled to save the ball. Jota was quick to snatch the second spot and volleyed home.Salah came on as a substitute in the 59th minute after returning from the Africa Cup of Nations. In the 75th minute, Salah had a good chance on the counter attack, but schmeichel saved his shot brilliantly.3 minutes later, Salah penalty area crosscut hard pocket shot, the ball was blocked out of the woodwork.In the 87th minute, Liverpool made a second attack from a corner. Matip set up a stopper at the top of the penalty area. Jota received the ball, turned and shot low, and jota scored twice to seal the 2-0 victory for Liverpool.Liverpool have a chance of catching up with Manchester City after winning three games in a row and reducing the gap to nine points with a game in hand.Manchester United and Tottenham have conceded, while Arsenal have edged Manchester united back into the top five on goal difference, relegating them to sixth place.Wolves were unable to pick up points against Liverpool, leaving them two points behind Tottenham in eighth place.Top scorers, Salah today some bad luck, missed a single blade plus the frame, failed to return to the goal, or 16 goals lead.Jota’s two goals left Liverpool four goals behind Salah salah and 12 goals behind him as they secured their place in the top two, beating Manchester City with a game in hand to become the first team to reach 60 goals in the Premier League this season.