With nearly 500W views, a work unlike The chafan video went viral on station B

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The “just eating” behavior of the owner at B station has become the main way to get rid of “generating electricity for love” and enter the road of commercial realization, so as to further create better works to serve fans. However, in the face of the discomfort of Internet users to advertising, how can content creation and brand promotion achieve each other?Through the analysis of the chifan video released by food UP’s “Food Poor Road”, this paper understands what kinds of implantation methods UP can use to win the recognition and love of fans and help the brand achieve high ROI.A video about grandma went viral on station B.”Food Alley” is the head of the food area of STATION B. It has been active in station B with food exploration works, and is affectionately called “uncle Pie” by fans.Different from the general Vlog style food shop video, as the head of the food district, The key to stand out on the food track lies in the texture of his works.The filming technique of movie feeling makes many users sigh that the work of Food poor Road is “Millions of photography”. The content of the work connects the shop and the story by the way of narration, endows food with more emotion.It is just such a unique way of recording, VIVO mobile phone brand and UP staple food poor road cooperation business video, still use such a video style.In the cross-circle cooperation between Food Alley and mobile phone brand VIVO, UP mainly promoted the high pixel selling point of mobile phone camera.The work of Food Poverty Dao has always brought the audience “record the life in a corner of the city”, “record” has become the key word of this video.The piece is based on the memories of her grandmother, who is a staple food in UP, about her hometown.The elderly grandmother of The food Poor Road can hardly see anything due to macular degeneration of the fundus and can only see some faint light, which forms a sharp contrast with the photo of grandma 40 years ago at the beginning of the video and quickly catches the emotional resonance of the audience.The Lord wanted to record grandma’s memories as a gift to bring back to grandma, so he went to Yantai according to grandma’s memories, the “first half of grandma’s life” again.This work not only has the real-time narration of Food Poor Dao himself, but more importantly, the description of grandma’s past memories as a voiceover runs through the whole work. The voice of old age and the change of scenes all materialize grandma’s memories, bringing the audience an immersive memory trip.Since grandma’s eyes can’t see, UP staple food alley has become a recorder of light, and VIVO mobile phone has also become a carrier of light.Bring photo – B stand UP food being original UP food being original memories to grandma’s record is combined with high brand mobile phone camera pixel pitch, not emphasize product show, but the product mix into work, give priority to your content, audience perception experience is preferred, reduced product promotion presence, and weaken the audience for advertising discomfort, can not only satisfy the sensual pleasure,It can also make the selling points of the product subtly reach potential consumers and shape a good brand image.Yantai beef steamed stuffed bun, old grandpa’s grave, seafood, Zhifu Island, mother-in-law stone, grandma old friends…This is grandma’s past, not only people and places, but also hometown cuisine.Feigua data (website B version) shows that food videos are the most concerned video classification of UP. As a well-known UP food district, UP staple food Alley is also a very important part to satisfy fans’ video preference.So in the work, I went to the yantai beef dumpling shop in my grandmother’s memory for a food tour. Without too many elements, I showed the fireworks in the corner of the city with the consistent film quality shooting technique, so as to meet the fans’ preference for the main food tour shop.As can be seen from the hot words in the video comments, in addition to the main scene about grandma’s memories, food-related words such as “steamed dumpling” and “dumpling” also occupy part of the bullet screen hot words.Brand promotion should respect the style and characteristics of the main account of UP when co-creating with the main content of UP, and maintain the main content positioning of the main video of UP. Although the chia Fan video focuses on the trip to Yantai, the main food of UP does not ignore its content positioning.Based on grandma’s inventory of hometown, we visited the gourmet shops in the alleys of Yantai. The brand respects UP’s main content positioning, which is equal to respecting the audience, to further deepen the brand’s goodwill and influence the user’s mind.Look from UP food being original portraits of the audience, the audience to focus on the UP main classification in the food, life, digital, and UP the account class user and brand target groups, including the audience favorite video is food evaluation, accounted for 21.98%, visible in the single video attract the content accurately positioning and business positioning, effective touch of target consumer groups.Feigua data (B station version) shows that the video of Qifan, unlike Qifan, has gained nearly 500W views on B station, far exceeding the average level of UP main by 427% and the fan ratio by 200%, bringing high ROI and product exposure for brand promotion.Coin is a unique function of STATION B, which represents the audience’s recognition and love for the main video of UP. The number of coins in this work is as high as 7.29W, which also confirms the high-quality content production of this perfect video.Bring about data sources – fly melon (station) B B station after many watch users VIVO said the cooperation with the UP staple food being original rice video is “best quality”, “on the worth,” said they will consider to buy more products, no matter what the nature of the work UP master or brand party should maintain a high quality content to show, with content, focus on the user experience,Homeopathy drives the effective growth of product exposure, affecting more potential consumers.The following two points can be summarized from the content analysis of the trans-circle cooperation between UP staple food and VIVO, a mobile phone brand, to create high-quality chapan:Products are integrated into the content to weaken the sense of existence of product promotion and the audience’s discomfort with the advertisement. In order to satisfy the sensory enjoyment, the selling points of the product will subtly reach potential consumers and create a good brand image.When co-creating the brand and the UP main content, the style and characteristics of the UP main account will be respected, the main video content positioning of the UP main content will be maintained, the brand goodwill will be further deepened, the mind of users will be influenced, and the high-quality content will be promoted for long-term communication.