Winter beware of carbon monoxide poisoning experts popular science so prevention and self-help

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Changjiang Daily news (reporter Liu Yue correspondent Yan Rui) winter is the high incidence of carbon monoxide poisoning incidents.Every winter, the hospital sees several cases of carbon monoxide poisoning.Changjiang Daily reporter recently interviewed Zhang Zhichao, the attending physician of the hyperbaric oxygen treatment Center of rehabilitation Medicine department of Wuhan First Hospital, to popular science about “carbon monoxide poisoning” exactly what is going on, what are the symptoms after poisoning, and how to achieve self-rescue and other rescue.■ Colorless and tasteless, do not put the “killer” in the side zhang Zhichao introduction, carbon monoxide poisoning commonly known as “gas poisoning”.Carbon monoxide, which is colorless, odorless and difficult to detect, is produced when coal, natural gas or other carbon-containing substances are not burned properly.Carbon monoxide binds more readily to hemoglobin in the blood and is less likely to separate.In this way, the hemoglobin combined with carbon monoxide cannot carry oxygen, and over time, the symptoms of hypoxia in tissues and cells are very obvious, and finally the human body dies from severe hypoxia and asphyxia.But carbon monoxide is lighter than air and generally “floats upwards”.If indoor window ventilation, carbon monoxide can be discharged in time, indoor carbon monoxide concentration is not high is not dangerous.Therefore, the cause of carbon monoxide poisoning may be their own colorless and odorless “killer” “locked” in the room, resulting in danger.■ Pink complexion, you may be “gas poisoning” “carbon monoxide poisoning, in fact, his facial expression is very ‘beautiful’, like a girl’s cherry red.Zhang Zhichao introduced that carbon monoxide poisoning is often divided into three types according to the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air inhaled by patients and the length of poisoning time, and there are different manifestations: mild poisoning: patients are still conscious, dizziness, headache, tinnitus, nausea, vomiting or fatigue, tachycardia and other symptoms.At this stage, the patient may be alert and suspect carbon monoxide poisoning.At this time open the window ventilation, inhalation of fresh air, symptoms will slowly reduce, disappear.Moderate poisoning: gradual loss of consciousness, in addition to mild symptoms, there will be sweating, irritability, unsteady walking, pale skin, sleepiness and fatigue, the lips, nails and skin mucosa are cherry red.Severe poisoning: most of them are delirious, with clenched teeth, convulsions of the whole body, incontinence of urine and stool, cherry red on the face and lips, rapid breathing and pulse, increased blood pressure, arrhythmia, rales in the lungs, temperature may rise.Extremely critical patients can be in a deep coma, with weak pulse, irregular breathing, decreased blood pressure, and shock manifestations such as cold and damp extremities and pale skin. At this time, life is in danger and the mortality rate is high.■ Open the window for ventilation, mild patients so correct self-rescue carbon monoxide mild poisoning, under normal circumstances can be timely open the window for self-rescue ventilation.Moderate and severe poisoning often depend on him.When someone is found to have carbon monoxide poisoning, open the window for ventilation immediately, move the patient to a ventilated and warm place as soon as possible, and unfasten the collar to keep his breathing unblocked;For serious poisoning symptoms, should immediately call 120 emergency number, sent to the hospital for rescue.While waiting for rescue, the head of an unconscious victim may be turned to one side to prevent inhalation of vomit into the lungs and suffocation.Source: Changjiang Daily