HAKII ICE is the latest in a long line of real wireless headphones

2022-08-02 0 By

In the past two years, the real wireless earphone market has fought a price war, especially the 200 yuan – 500 yuan price competition is very fierce.Headphone manufacturers are all touting how cost-effective their products are, and it’s easy for consumers to be picky.Cost-effective real wireless earphones should not only have exquisite design, but also have stable performance in sound quality, wear, Bluetooth connection stability, battery life and other aspects, so as to be called “cost-effective”.HAKII ICE HAKII ICE Hakkrypton Zero is a unique product in a wide range of real wireless products.The headphones look stunning and are inspired by snow and ice sports;The headphone charging case looks as if it is frozen in the water from the front, and the streamlined water wave texture is hidden under the “ice”, which is visually refreshing and refreshing.The HAKII ICE hakkrypton Zero is an innovative two-color composite with high permeability and high temperature resistance.On top of the special selection of materials, HAKII ICE Hakkrypton Zero has undergone two polishing processes to achieve the ultimate frozen beauty, like a fine piece of art.HAKII ICE adopts a semi-in-ear design, which does not invade the inner ear canal when wearing. The split type (handle & headphone) is 4:6 with a balanced weight ratio, matching the super light weight of 4G single headset.Bring almost no sense of wearing experience.In addition to being beautiful and comfortable to wear, these headphones also put a lot of effort into sound quality.13mm large moving coil unit with mainstream LCP polymer liquid crystal diaphragm, bringing wide sound field and full and powerful low frequency, more dynamic music performance.In terms of bluetooth connection stability, HAKII ICE Hkrypton Zero uses the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology to make the headset connection as stable as a wired one.The headset also features a “game mode” for mobile gamers, with a latency as low as 50ms, which greatly improves the gaming experience.The HAKII ICE Hakkrypton Zero headset can listen for 7 hours at a time, and the overall integrated battery life with the charging case is 24 hours, which can easily meet the needs of most users for a week’s commute.