Former “Shanghai head good” arrested, suspected of fraud 43.4 billion, 40,000 investors tearless

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Shi Jianxiang, known as “Shanghai’s chief philanthropist”, was once a winner in life with fame and fortune.However, when the company fell into a currency crisis in 2016, shi Jianxiang, the actual controller behind the company, fled to the United States, revealing the true face of Shanghai Shushan.Shi Jianxiang’s name is not well known to the public, but in his heyday, he was also associated with the entertainment industry’s bigshots, and his hands involved in the field of film and television activities are not a few.However, it is worth noting that how Can Shi Jianxiang be suspected of defrauding 43.4 billion, so that 40,000 investors lose their minds, blindly to believe?Shi Jianxiang was born in the 1960s, when China was undergoing reform and opening up and its economy took off rapidly.Shi Jianxiang himself has the gift of the gab and a great mind for business.Early opened a printing factory to do business, and even got the agency of foreign oil.He is one of the self-made inspirational figures of the last century.Shi Jianxiang was one of the first people to become rich in China. The accumulation of his early wealth also showed his unique vision of business.Shi Jianxiang is also a “cross-industry big player”. In order to make his career bigger and stronger, he gradually penetrated his career into the real estate, finance, film and other fields. At this time, Shi Jianxiang holds hundreds of billions of wealth and builds a huge business empire.Shi Jianxiang, who sits firmly on the commercial throne, did not make less efforts to obtain social recognition.Shi jianxiang has participated in charity, education, culture, business and other social activities in a variety of capacities.From 2005 to 2006, Shi jianxiang won the titles of “China’s Top Ten Industrial and Commercial Talents” and “China’s Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs”.In 2013, Shi jianxiang was rated as the top Philanthropist in Shanghai by hurun Charity List 2012.Thanks to his many titles, Shih is worthy of praise wherever he goes.Just in this part of the donation and propaganda “gentleman is not arrogant” behind, whether it is just to win fame or love is unknown.Vanity fair makes the shi Jianxiang big boss of wind fresh water, why should spend means to swindle and collect money everywhere after?Second, the use of financial products investment wealth Shi Jianxiang has a business mind is not just saying.From the poor backwardness of the last century to the present millennium, Shi Jianxiang once again saw a new opportunity.He thinks the two big industries of “Internet” and “finance” can hold the levers of the world economy.Through the business model of “Internet + finance” to create financial products, The Kuai Lu Group in the hands of Shi Jianxiang absorbed huge wealth in a short time.In fact, this is the P2P business model, which was very popular in the past few years. Under this model, enterprises have a great risk of explosion. By taking the money of new customers to fill the loopholes of old customers, sooner or later, they will collapse because the loopholes cannot be filled.How to fill this hole, in fact, the actual controller of fast deer Shi Jianxiang also considered.If you want to fill the hole, you need a lot of capital. Where does this capital come from? Shi Jianxiang himself is engaged in finance and naturally uses money to make money, of course, he also does so.Shi Jianxiang invested his money in movies, such as “IP Man 3”, “Big Bang” and other films and television works are his writing, and he created “Internet + finance + film” to create financial products such as film and television treasure to accumulate a lot of money.Because Shi Jianxiang himself is very optimistic about IP Man 3.Before the film was released, Shi jianxiang told many investors that the film could earn more than 1 billion yuan at the box office, promising investors fixed and floating returns of more than 10 percent.And Shi Jianxiang himself many titles of the halo of support, say the credibility of the word is very high, not to mention its promise of ultra-high returns almost impact investors have no reason.Even before the film was released, Shi jianxiang managed to rake in 43.4 billion yuan.Even if Shi Jianxiang sees the great potential of Chinese film, it still lacks momentum.After the release of IP Man 3, investors found that the box office was not nearly as big as Shi jianxiang had boasted.Although IP Man 3 grossed over 400 million yuan in its first two days of release, it failed to reach even half of its promise of 1 billion yuan.It was even discovered that there was a false pomp problem, involving a box office of 32 million yuan.The reality of the heavy hammer hit investors, we have the first choice to refund cash.It is also because of the failure of investment, Shi Jianxiang “Shanghai business leader” mask was completely shattered.At the first moment of the crisis, Shi Jianxiang secretly went to Hong Kong to escape the limelight, and then moved to the United States.Although the person changed a place, but the money is still in the mainland.In order to gain the time needed for the transfer of funds, Shi Jianxiang made a high-profile video on the social platform saying that he was sick and hospitalized and denied that he was the actual controller of Kuai Lu, so as to stabilize the domestic public opinion and gain time for the transfer of wealth.Shi jianxiang has no conscience as an entrepreneur. During his time in hiding from the limelight in the United States, he lived a luxurious life, owning a multimillion-dollar mansion, driving a luxury car and flying in a private jet.Shi Jianxiang moved the successful tactics of accumulating wealth in China to abroad to continue to use.By launching a cryptocurrency, it encourages others to invest and buy it.But Shi Jianxiang did not succeed this time.In order to expand the influence, Shi Jianxiang high-profile attendance of major meetings for publicity, did not expect to be reported.Shi jianxiang was able to enter the United States because he forged a fake passport. This time, the American police successfully arrested Shi Jianxiang. If the charges of forgery and fraud are confirmed, Shi Jianxiang will be sentenced to prison for up to 10 years.In addition, on the evening of June 6, 2018, the CcDI website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection released a list of the “100 Most wanted people”, with Shi Jianxiang listed as the 31st most wanted person.Justice has long arms.Shi jianxiang regarded himself as a modern emperor, and his disregard for the law was bound to land him in prison.As an entrepreneur, even if he cannot make contributions to the society, he should not hinder social development and damage people’s wealth.Conclusion Online fraud has been rampant for a long time, but it is hard for a rich man like Shi Jianxiang to cheat without falling into this frosting trap.But after all, investment risks, entering the market need to be cautious.There are so many different ways to invest your money that understanding how it works can reduce your risk.As ordinary investors for fraud information on the network should be screened, if not their own understanding of the industry, it is best not to invest.When investing, you need to keep a clear and cool head, don’t blindly follow the crowd and don’t listen to other people’s nonsense.The key to successful investment is whether your judgment is correct.Finally, I would like to ask you, do you think the 40,000 victims cheated by Shi Jianxiang can recover their money?Why?