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In my study on Farming, I said that rural students had no jobs to study, which was not accurate.In retrospect, I learned to work twice, but the “work” I learned was not a modern factory, but a workshop similar to manual workshops, but also worth mentioning.Next to our school, there is an iron wood cooperative, the main products are pancakes 鏊子 and some simple wood.We studied there for a week.If the first three god stand idly by — see how the workers cast 鏊子.But see the workers to collect the scrap iron into a small blast furnace, with the blower blowing, roaring flame from the top shout out, soon the scrap iron will turn into water, a small blast furnace will tilt up, then a stream of hot iron will slowly flow into the iron bucket, by two workers lifted into the sand mold not far away.When the molten iron cooled and the sand mold was removed, a round black creature with three legs like an old turtle stood out.It’s not complicated, it’s Bronze Age, but there’s a lot of momentum to it, and it’s attractive to us.In addition, there were several red stoves, sickles, shovels and other agricultural tools in the cooperative society. There was nothing to look at, so we lost our interest in learning.The last three days to learn carpentry, not only see, and dry, to be specific, is “pull saw”.The master worker first made a good ink line on the thick log and fixed it as if executing a prisoner. Then we would operate the big saw and make a piston movement.This job is not complicated, but it is not easy to do well, either the saw clip, or the line.As a result, the good material of “wood straight rope” was simply sawed into pieces of streamlined board, which was not suitable to say, but also a waste of wood.So before we had finished sawing a single piece of wood, we “got off the guard”, like nobles, surrounded the master worker, watching and pointing, students and teachers, the whole reverse.What really learns something is to burn bricks, or indeed to make bricks.The whole skill of this kind of work is embodied in “mixing mud”.If the mud is not evenly mixed, the resultant brick may dry and crack.The kiln is short of hands, the original is to lead the cattle to step in the mud.We have so many feet that we can use human feet instead of hooves.So it is more appropriate to study cattle than to study labor.At first we felt very fun, jumping around in the mud, as if back to playing with mud children.But after a while I lost interest and slowed down considerably.The reason for this was not only that the work was monotonous and tedious, but also that the mud became sticky and sticky, and it was easy to step on but difficult to pull out.At this time we will some envy cattle, hoof area is small, strong pressure, step down to pull out clean, unlike us, muddy and breathless.Step on the mud can not make blanks, then also hit mud.Two people in a group, each holding a meter long, hand neck thick iron rod, toward a pool of mud, hit.One day down, leg ache waist acid, especially two arms, as if prosthesis general, also do not listen to, even take chopsticks when having a meal appear powerless.There was a close shave.One of our classmates hit hit, somehow hit the opposite student’s head, immediately dripping with blood, scared the teacher all of a sudden paralyzed in the mud.Fortunately, the iron bar had eyes and did not hit him in the middle, but the stubble in the front brushed his eyelid and though it bled a lot, it did not break any bones or muscles.The student’s wound healed quickly, but a permanent memorial was left on his eyelids, which earned him the nickname “Scar Eye”.The mud is delicate and soft and tough, like a black sugar cake, and it is time to make a blank.The mold was brought in, a lump of mud was picked up, it was slammed inside, the excess mud was scraped with a wooden stick, then turned over, and with a gentle knock, a sharp, regular brick lay flat on the ground.That’s when we’re done.There was a great deal of labor in making bricks, and after more than a week’s work, many of the students caught a strange disease that made them perfectly blind when it got dark.It was later revealed that this was night blindness caused by malnutrition and excessive labor intensity.The school quickly bought cod liver oil pills for everyone to supplement nutrition.It worked, and after a while, the night – blind eyes glistened like cats’ eyes at night again.This study, the biggest harvest has two, one is to let us know that labor is not like movies, novels written as full of poetic painting;Second, we have tasted the joy of labor.The courtyard walls of our school were originally made of mud like men, and then they were all changed into the structure of blue brick to the top, which is the best memorial for our Alma mater before graduation.Personally, I also broke a personal record of eating: during the half a month of school work, I had three meals a day, each meal was a jin of dried noodles.Since then, although there is a big appetite of the time, but no longer had the brilliant, every read here, often today is not the same as before feeling.