There are many different recruitment services for Anhui North Coal power Group Company in 2022

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Anhui North coal power Group company is one of the key enterprises in Anhui Province.Its predecessor Wanbei Coal Industry company was established in 1984, in 1986 renamed Wanbei Mining Bureau, in 1998 reformed to form Wanbei coal power Group Co., LTD.After more than 30 years of construction and development, the enterprise has grown from small to large, from weak to strong, and has been growing in scale and strength. It has 23 subsidiaries including listed Hengyuan Coal and power Co., LTD., forming four business segments of coal, power, coal chemical industry and logistics trade, and its main industries are located in 11 provinces and 20 cities across the country.It has 24,000 employees and will produce 17.5 million tons of raw coal and 1.175 million tons of chemical products in 2020, with a revenue of 38.6 billion yuan and a total assets of 45 billion yuan at the end of the period.It ranks no. 481 among China’s top 500 enterprises in 2020 and no. 17 among China’s top 50 coal enterprises in 2021.A, recruitment requirements (a) and (2) demand management trainee (hereinafter referred to as GuanPeiSheng) enroll for directional cultivating enterprise senior management personnel, group company from the current year of the graduates in the recruitment hiring GuanPeiSheng, GuanPeiSheng cultivation period of 3 years, after the expiration of according to their actual ability to select the appropriate management and technical positions.During the probation period, the production line shall be paid 6000 to 10000 yuan per month, and the ground shall be paid 4000 to 6000 yuan per month.(2) Welfare benefits including five insurances and one housing fund, staff canteen, free dormitory, staff training, paid annual leave, family leave, marriage and funeral leave, nursing leave, etc.Recruitment process Release recruitment brief → resume delivery → resume screening → interview → signing tripartite agreement → reviewing personal files → orientation training → assigning units → physical examination → signing formal contract Registration time: from now until June 30, 2022.Please log in the website of Wanbei Coal power Group company:, download the resume sample form from the “campus recruitment” column, fill in the information and send to wanbei Coal Power Group company recruitment mailbox: Address: No.157, Xichang South Road, Yongqiao District, Suzhou City, Anhui ProvinceEmail: kingsray@126.com3. Contact person: Jin Rui, Tel: 0557-3982237The information in the resume must be true and correct. If there is any false information, the applicant will be disqualified.2. After the preliminary review, we will communicate with you or organize an interview, and the interview notice will be sent by mobile phone SMS or email;3. Check personal files before the induction training, and attend the induction training organized by the group after passing the examination;4. Apply for channels to the website of Anhui North Coal power Group shall prevail, recruitment does not charge any fees!Anhui north coal power group warmly welcome you to join!Attachment: Resume