The small clues provided by the students lead to hundreds of millions of “run points” big case!

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Last summer, ningbo, zhejiang province public security into campus for the students to carry out the fraud prevention propaganda is accidental clues from students to ask questions there are a lot of students give others personal identity information card, bank card selling this immediately to the attention of the police’s uncle’s public security organs immediately was astonished, quickly locked luo, Han Mou and other three suspects.They first bought alipay white numbers in bulk (without real-name authentication), then bought personal information from students for real-name binding, and then sold the accounts to launder money.Get rid of evil!The police then divided into two lines. One group floated down the river to attack the platform.One group travels back to trace the origin of alipay Bai.After hard work, a team successfully found the key clue of the “running score” platform.On May 27, 2021, the task force went to Changsha, Hunan and Shenzhen, Guangdong, and finally destroyed the domestic top running points platform agent gang organized by Peng and Bai, and captured 6 suspects.According to the confession, Peng and Bai developed 8 levels of agents, a total of 1466 people.Since March 2020, they have made illegal profits of more than 600,000 yuan through a sub-platform and laundered up to 500 million yuan!2 upstream · access code platform doomsday project group 2 through interrogation, survey data and a lot of work, finally identified a access code platform……The original batch payment treasure white number comes from here.The so-called access code platform is a kind of platform that uses Internet of Things cards or mobile phone cards without real-name authentication to receive SMS verification codes and register online accounts.This is hidden in the network fraud, “naked chat”, “kill pig plate” behind the upstream technology platform.On September 24, 2021, astonished to guangdong shenzhen, shandong, Texas, a cornucopia, captured the concatenated codes platform boss wang mou, technology developers earlier and xu, zhang site management personnel, the main agent ryu and sun, a total of six suspects, and seized computers 5, handsets and six involves the cellular phone number more than 200, involving more than 500 ten thousand yuan.At present, Peng mou, Bai Mou and other main culprits have been in November 25, 2021 for helping information network crime activities were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment by the People’s Court of Zhenhai District, Ningbo City.Wang mou, Liu mou, Sun mou and other 10 people were transferred to the People’s Procuratorate of Zhenhai District of Ningbo city for prosecution.With the continuous development of the work of cracking down on the network black grey industry, whether tens of millions of head receiving code platform or small workshop type “receiving code team” have been devastated and want to profit from it as soon as possible, don’t wait until it is too late source: Ministry of Public Security Network security Bureau