The Organizers of the Beijing Winter Olympics have handled the situation in a proper way

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Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 14 reported that the third division of the 13th general snow, snow on some events affected, several events due to snow postponed.The impact of the snow on the games, and how the organizers of the games are dealing with it, has attracted attention from foreign media.More than a week into the Winter Olympics, Olympic athletes in Beijing woke up Wednesday to snowflakes.Snow and strong winds led to the postponement or cancellation of at least two winter Olympics events as tracks were covered in snow and slippery roads made it difficult for athletes to reach the venues.Heavy snow in northern China on Wednesday brought a wintry atmosphere to the Beijing Olympics and postponed several events, including a women’s freestyle slopestyle qualifying event for China’s gold medal favorite Gu Ailing.The postponement of the qualifying match to Saturday was also a top trending topic on Chinese social media.The men’s giant slalom alpine skiing event in Yanqing went ahead despite snowfall that reduced visibility, the report said.The start interval for the first group was reduced from two minutes to one minute and 45 seconds.The second women’s downhill training session, scheduled to take place at the same venue, was cancelled, the report said.Yang Shuan, vice president of the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee, said the storm left too much soft snow on the freestyle course at The Genting Ski Park in Zhangjiakou, about 200 kilometers northwest of Beijing, to hold the events on Monday.”In order to ensure the safety of the athletes, we decided to postpone the competition,” Yang told a news conference.Visibility is a challenge, says U.S. snowboarder Haley Langland.”It makes it hard to tell where you are going to land and when you are going to land,” she told Reporters after training at the Shougang Ski jump in Beijing.Early starters in the alpine skiing men’s giant slalom in Yanqing have expressed support for the decision to continue.”The light is enough for skiing, no doubt,” Norway’s Henrik Christophersen said after finishing the first round. “It just adds to the difficulty.I love it.””I couldn’t see, I didn’t know where to put my feet,” France’s Matthieu Favre said after the giant slalom.But luckily the track surface was still icy and I managed to finish the first round.”One beneficiary of the snowfall, the report said, was the Winter Paralympics mascot “Xuerongrong,” in the shape of a Chinese red lantern covered with snow.”It’s snowing,” wrote one user of The Chinese social media platform Weibo. “Xue Rong Rong has finally become the leading role.”Beijing (Reuters) – Athletes have been competing on artificial snow slopes during the Beijing Winter Olympics, but organizers are grappling with the challenge of clearing real snow after heavy snow hit the mountainous region of Zhangjiakou on Thursday.”When it snows, you can’t wait,” said Shu Wen, deputy director of logistics for the Genting Ski Park complex.And the whole point of cleaning up is to prevent too much snow melt.Whether the snowmelt is environmentally friendly or not will have an impact on roads and trails.Our goal is to make sure the stadium is clean and tidy.”Genting ski Park is the site of several freestyle skiing and snowboarding events at the Beijing Winter Olympics, the report said.Here, solid, predictable surfaces of snow and ice are necessary for athletes to perform thrilling skills and compete at high speeds.Shu said his team was prepared for heavy snow and freezing temperatures during the winter Olympics’ midweek weekend.He added: “This happens a lot with our snow work.But we have a team of professionals to make sure everything runs properly.”