Taishan, Tai ‘an, Shandong province: The rule of law “New Year goods” into the market

2022-08-01 0 By

On January 25, the Taishan District Procuratorate of Tai ‘an city, Shandong province, organized police officers to promote the rule of law in beishangao Market and present “goods for the Rule of law” in order to enhance the people’s awareness of law and safety and let them enjoy a healthy, festive and peaceful festival.It was market day, and the scene of the activity was crowded with people. Police officers shuttled through the lively market and sent carefully prepared “goods for the Rule of law” to the masses.By hanging propaganda slogans, distributing propaganda materials and explaining cases on the spot, police officers preach relevant legal knowledge to the masses and answer legal questions.To the masses through patient knowledge about disease prevention and control measures, civil code, environmental protection, anti-drug anti-drug, migrant workers’ rights, policemen targeted advertising is closely related to the life and work of legal knowledge, enhance people handle affairs according to law, they will find method, problem solving usage, dissolve the contradiction by the method of the rule of law consciousness, effectively guard against legal risks that may occur during the Spring Festival, confirmedThe masses spent a peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival.”Recently, we received a representative of the victim of an illegal public deposit absorption case, they are gullible cheater, did not resist the temptation of high returns, caused a great loss, you must not be like them ah!”During the event, police officers also told the public how to use legal means to protect their legitimate rights and interests, stay away from “traps”, do not eat “pie”, refuse the temptation of high profits, and guard their “money bag”.”To participate in the gathering of legal activities, through the ‘zero distance’ contact with the masses, serve the masses, listen to the masses, not only enrich their legal knowledge, improve their legal awareness, to our young procuratorial police is also a very good experience.”Said an officer.On that day, the policemen distributed more than 400 propaganda materials to the masses and answered more than 40 legal advice on the spot. The legal publicity became one of the most lively “stalls” in the market, which won the affirmation and praise of the villagers and created a peaceful and stable festival legal atmosphere.Source: Justice Network