Redmi K40 straight down 500 yuan, explosive mobile phone accelerated clearance, 256G game enhanced version is worth a look

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For a businessman, the best way is to turn his left hand to his right, be a middleman and make a difference.However, for the manufacturers of mobile phones, there is no way to do this. They must produce a large number of mobile phones in order to occupy the market, but there is also a risk that they will hit their own hands if they are not careful.As a result, many manufacturers churn out the current generation of phones they can sell, and then liquidate the previous generation before the next one comes out.For example, Meizu has been criticized for its clearance sale of the Meizu Pro7 phone, which was priced at 2,880 yuan and sold at 1,299 yuan.Therefore, many manufacturers are afraid of following meizu’s footsteps, “Leibus” also put forward the strategy of “zero inventory” in the strategic direction of Xiaomi.Have to say the vision is very original, if so, then, lei Jun of a mobile phone, may face clearance, follow-up whether mass production, or unknown.Redmi K40 Game Enhancement phone!The reason is that Redmi K50 will be released in spring, and Redmi K40 is the previous generation of K50 mobile phone, and these two days are on sale promotion, the price dropped 500 yuan, it is easy to think of Lei Jun’s “zero inventory” strategy.In fact, this phone market reputation is very good, the price is entirely possible to make way for the Red rice K50.The Redmi K40 uses Breguet 1200 chips and has 12+256GB, but the price has been reduced from 2399 to 1899, which is well worth a look.Its chip uses 6nm Breguet 1200, which is a flagship level chip, and eight-core architecture, with large battery, capacity of 5165mAh, which is very friendly to the game family, after all, the game is most afraid of power, not to say, lost the game, but also face points.Not only does the battery have a large capacity, but it also charges quickly. It has 67W flash charging technology, so even if the battery seems to run out, you can plug in the charger and continue playing in a few minutes without the charging cable.Redmike 40 although is set as the enhanced version of the game mobile phone, but Lu Weibing has said that this mobile phone “can be when the game mobile phone, also can be the main machine!”Visible, in the eyes of Lu Weibing, this is no problem as the flagship machine exists.The Redmi K40 has also been certified by the famous Rheingol Gaming System in Germany, and the use of aerospace cooling system makes the Redmi K40 a real gaming phone, with fast speed, no lag, no lag, etc., which makes it very popular.Redmi also adopts flexible OLED screen, supports 120Hz high-frequency refresh, and the phone has a narrow frame, supports NFC, X-axis motor, infrared remote control and so on. The configuration is very high, but the price is only 2399 yuan, which can be said to be very good, cost-effective, especially for these two days only 1899 yuan, really very cost-effective.It’s worth a look if you need a cell phone.However, the Redmi K40 game enhancement phone was originally priced at 2399, but now it is priced at 2199. In fact, it is only 1899 price for these two days. No matter whether it is cleared to make way for Redmi K50, it is a very good discount.Even if the pure discount sales, in the follow-up this effort is very little, very worth seizing the opportunity to start, do not lose the opportunity to start Redmi K40 oh.