Provincial CDC reminds: do not leave the province if it is not necessary

2022-08-01 0 By

Shanxi Evening News (reporter Xue Lin) in order to continue to adhere to the “external prevention of input, internal prevention of rebound” general strategy and “dynamic zero” general policy, to maintain the health of people in Sanjin and social order, Shanxi Center for Disease control and Prevention issued health tips, to remind the public not to go out of the province unless necessary.The provincial CDC reminded the public to pay close attention to the domestic and local clusters of epidemic cases, and not to go to counties (cities and districts) where the epidemic is not necessary in the near future. If they must go to counties (cities and districts), they must take good personal protection at all times.All people entering and returning to Shanxi from outside the province shall be sampled immediately at the first point of arrival at the transportation station, and nucleic acid test shall be carried out.Those who have traveled to medium-high risk areas within 14 days will be put under “14+7” quarantine and medical observation.Those with a history of sojourn and residence in counties (streets and towns of municipalities directly under the Central Government) of medium-high risk areas within 14 days shall be subject to “14+7” home isolation and medical observation.Those who have reported cases within 14 days but have not adjusted their travel history in the county (streets and towns of municipalities directly under the Central Government) where the risk level is located shall be subjected to “7+5” home isolation and medical observation measures.For those who have traveled to other counties (streets and towns of municipalities directly under the Central Government) in the affected cities within 14 days, they will be put under community administration after signing the commitment of epidemic prevention and control, and will be tested twice within 72 hours after completing nucleic acid test at the first destination.In accordance with the requirements, shanxi health code changed to “red code” or “yellow code”, should take the initiative to report to the community (village), units or hotels where they live, and actively cooperate with the local implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.When going out, observe the provisions of appointment and traffic restriction, and cooperate with the “three elements” of epidemic prevention and control: temperature measurement in public places, code examination (Shanxi health code, travel code and place code), and wearing masks.Minimize gathering activities such as dinner parties and avoid going to crowded public places with poor air mobility.Omicron infection is mild but severe in the elderly and those with chronic diseases.The provincial CDC reminded the public to keep up the strain of epidemic prevention and control by wearing masks, washing hands frequently and maintaining social distancing.When receiving mail and express delivery, implement the “five requirements” of protection before receiving, disinfection before use, washing hands after opening mail, standardization of packaging and disposal, and early reporting of abnormal situations.Strengthen self-health monitoring. If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, loss of sense of smell and taste, please wear a medical mask to the nearest fever clinic for investigation, and do not take public transportation on the way to the hospital.Experts suggest that full vaccination can effectively reduce the risk of hospitalization, severe illness and death caused by the omicron variant.Booster vaccination can also effectively reduce the risk of breakthrough infection caused by the omicron variant.All persons of appropriate age and without contraindications should be vaccinated with novel coronavirus vaccine as soon as possible.Those who meet the requirements for enhanced immunization should receive the “booster shot” as soon as possible.(Title: Wenwen)