Jiuquan Subei: “trumpet” epidemic prevention propaganda “voice” into the people

2022-08-01 0 By

In order to standardize the epidemic prevention and control publicity work and actively transmit positive energy of epidemic prevention and control, The Bayin community in Subei County has been actively carrying out the “trumpet” volunteer service activities for epidemic prevention and control publicity in recent days.Through the combination of “mobile speakers” and “fixed-point speakers”, precautions for epidemic prevention and control were publicized, and the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control and measures were broadcast in a loop.He called on everyone to cooperate in epidemic prevention and control, and advised residents gathered in buildings, hospitals, population centers and other places under the jurisdiction, and gave detailed answers to residents’ concerns about nucleic acid testing and vaccination, so as to effectively spread epidemic prevention and control publicity to the residents.In the next step, we will continue to expand the scope of publicity, increase publicity channels, strengthen publicity and guidance, further popularize epidemic prevention and control knowledge, enhance the public’s awareness of self-protection, and build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control.(Liu Pan)