Homemade tiger stripe cookies!It’s crisp and delicious, and you can just mix it up

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From a big spectrum, you dare to believe, yesterday the company Lantern Festival guess riddles, I was slow every step, missed the prize…If it wasn’t for the fact that everyone was thinking hard, I would have wondered if they were acting together. But I think it doesn’t matter if they don’t win, because those awards are all made by me. Heh heh, it’s actually this cute thing:Tiger grain cookies in fact, I have long wanted to do and tiger year related food, so in the administrative little sister said ready to do activities, he brought a private ~ with several different colors of cookies, splice tiger grain appearance, lovely and with a little stupid, it is very suitable for when a companion gift.I use pumpkin powder and cocoa powder to achieve the color. The light pumpkin yellow color is then baked with a gradual golden color, which blends with the custard and cocoa.Cooking ingredients butter 85g/sea salt 1g powdered sugar 40g/egg wash 30g low gluten flour 120g/almond powder 25g cocoa powder 2g /1, put 85g softened butter in a bowl, add 1g sea salt and 40g powdered sugar and stir well (because it is to make flake cookies, try not to whip butter, you can use a soft scraper like Susu directly to complete the whole operation). Then add 30g egg mixture several times in small quantities.2. Add 120g of low-gluten flour and 25g of almond powder. Cut and mix with a soft spatula to make it moist but not sticky.Add 2g cocoa powder to the 100g dough and 8g pumpkin powder to the 100g dough and mix well. Arrange the dough into a rectangular shape. Put all the dough into a mold and freeze it for 10 minutes.Together the two flavors of dough, frozen again to finalize the design the dough out after 5 minutes, finalize the design, the first two-thirds of the length of the vertical section group, in turn, also cut 2/3 length, so the dough would like an accordion pulls open cut method, as shown in the above coco dough out slice halves, again into the gap, a little plastic, pressure tight let it no gap,6. When the dough comes out, cut it in half and put it on a stand (don’t cut it flat, it won’t have tiger stripes!).Put the sliced dough into a baking tray and put it into a preheated oven. Bake for 15-18 minutes at 165 ° C.Just baked cookies or in the middle of the drum, three colors of the pattern, is the tiger tiger strong sub-son ~ gently break, cookies “click” a sound of broken cookies fall on the table, milk flavor on a level.Biscuit eats degeneration, butter milk has been lingering in the side, between the tooth and cocoa incense and light the pumpkin leaves the mouth slowly, let a person fondle admiringly ~ at the beginning of each year, and zodiac about food will make my kitchen and a small red book page ~ I think a lot of kinds of possible, finally decided to share this today, simple and delicious, the novice is not easy to overturn.Of course, if you have a “zodiac” recipe that you really want, you can also tell me in the comment area, and I can try to arrange it as soon as possible.2. After mixing flour, if the dough is too sticky, add about 10g of flour appropriately. Do not add too much flour, as too much flour will dry the dough