Daily limit of 7000 passengers!The Chengjiang Fossil Site world Natural Heritage Museum is popular during the Spring Festival

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During the Spring Festival, the Chengjiang Fossil Site World Natural Heritage Museum opened as normal, with many tourists coming here to explore the mystery of life.During the Spring Festival holiday, the chengjiang Fossil Site of the World Natural Heritage Museum continues to heat up.At the entrance, visitors wear masks and queue up for admission. Staff check their health codes, travel codes and booking codes and take their temperatures in strict accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.In the “Fossil Holy Land” exhibition hall on the first floor, more than 600 fossil specimens witness the origin and change of life in a blue background wall. On the round table in the center of the exhibition hall, there are fossil models. Visitors only need to place the fossil models in the center of the white plate, and relevant information and video introduction of fossils will appear on the screen.Traveler: I can find the remains of these creatures among strange rocks, and this visit also gives me some direction for my future career choice.At present, chengjiang fossil site has found 20 phyla, more than 280 species of rare fossils, almost covering all living phyla and extinct species in the animal kingdom.The multi-media interaction in the pavilion combines education with fun. Visitors can learn about the magical changes of biodiversity in ancient times while listening, watching and playing, and trace the origin of biodiversity with exploration and thinking of life.Traveler: Because I am very interested in the origin of human beings, especially the Cambrian life explosion, so I must come to see it today, to explore the origin of our human life, but also to pay tribute to our old ancestors, I think it is a very magical thing.Traveler: I can learn a lot of knowledge, because the fossils in the museum are quite extensive, there are many trilobite fossils on the fossil wall.Due to the heavy traffic during the Spring Festival, the museum will be limited to 7,000 visitors per day. The museum will be open from the first to the sixth day of the first lunar Month. Advance booking is required.At the same time, in order to better serve tourists, the museum has arranged the docent to carry out the explanation work on a fixed time every day.Qu Xiaoyin, head of the public service group of the World Natural Heritage of Chengjiang Fossil Site, said: In view of the small customer flow in the morning, we flexibly adjust, as long as there is willing to listen to the explanation can hear the explanation, basically there will be a explanation in less than half an hour, no matter how many tourists we can guarantee.Copyright (C) 2016 YXTVWJYx Yuxi Broadcasting and Television Station. All rights reserved.Tel: 0877-2036755 Email: yxtvxmt@163.com