Zigong Municipal Committee of Civil Construction held the 2022 Spring Festival Symposium for returning member entrepreneurs

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On the afternoon of February 7, Zigong Municipal Committee of The People’s Republic of China held the 2022 Spring Festival symposium for returning member entrepreneurs. Wu Jinxue, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Zigong Municipal Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, and Ding Qin, Executive Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department were invited to attend the meeting and make a speech.Wang Xiaoqian, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress and chairman of the Civil Construction Committee; Huang Hui, Jia Xiaolong, Liu Jiangnan, deputy chairmen; Xia Yunfei, secretary-general; Yang Rongchun, honorary consultant; Hu Guihong, director of the Public Relations Committee; Yin Kesong, chairman of minze Entrepreneur Club;More than 20 representatives of returning member entrepreneurs, including directly affiliated Lurong, Lujing and Luyu branches and Chairman lei Yunping of Guangzhou Dingyi Food Company, attended the meeting.The meeting was chaired by Huang Hui.Symposium, brigade Beijing branch chairman HongShaoKui, brigade chongqing branch deputy chairman qinglong county, brigade rong branch committee Mao Yugui nine members returning entrepreneurs, respectively, such as communication, focus on building their own branch, enterprise development and outside home reported on investment situation, and aims at the zhuhai business environment and home business difficulties and problems and advice are put forward.Ding Qin said in her speech that returning member entrepreneurs should further enhance party consciousness, inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of CBC, carry out various work such as self-construction, build up a good team of CBC member entrepreneurs, and establish a good social image of CBC entrepreneurs.Wang Xiaoqian spoke highly of the efforts and achievements made by lv Rong, LV Beijing, Lv Chongqing branch and returning member entrepreneurs in the key work of “Building self-cooperation and Integrating into The Twin Cities” and “Rose Plan” public welfare action of THE CCDC.He emphasized on on the basis of analyzing the international and domestic economic situation, to assess the situation, a firm confidence, develop steadily, determined to xi jinping, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics thoughts as the instruction, seize zigong depth into the chengdu-chongqing region twins historical opportunity of the construction of the economic circle, enhance the understanding and the understanding of the country’s total tone seek improvement in stability, guarantee the steady development of the enterprise;To strengthen learning, improve quality, do a good job in the enterprise, while further improving the ability and quality of enterprise management, strengthen the in-depth study of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and national economic policy, take the initiative to adapt to the new normal of economic development, so that the development of enterprises keep pace with the development of society and The Times;Fulfillment of attention to his hometown, based on actual, due diligence responsibilities, by actively give play to the role of the platform of the committee of organizations at the grass-roots level, to learn from the advanced experience of developed areas, our strengths, do your best, the existing 12 members returning a startup guide more out on the basis of successful people actively involved in home construction and participate in activities,Implement all the requirements put forward by Party Secretary Fan Bo at the symposium.Wu Jinxue spoke highly of the practical measures taken by the CCAA to guide more successful people from overseas to actively contribute to zigong’s economic and social development while strengthening the service and management of foreign member entrepreneurs, and fully affirmed the achievements made by the entrepreneurs attending the meeting.He stressed that private economy, as the main force to promote zigong’s economic development, is an important force and basic support for the city’s economic development to achieve high-quality.The CPC Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government will actively coordinate and solve the problems that entrepreneurs have reflected in their speeches.Finally, he made the following requirements to all grassroots organizations and members of the PARTY, especially its entrepreneurs: First, deepen political guidance, always uphold the leadership of the COMMUNIST Party of China, arm their minds with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and guide their practice.Second, actively integrate into the overall situation of national development, especially actively integrate into the overall situation of chengdu-Chongqing shuangcheng economic circle construction strategy and industrial zigong reconstruction, in promoting local economic and social development to do their own development.The third is to enhance the ability to perform duties, actively participate in politics and make contributions to the reconstruction of the industry zigong ju Li.Fourth, improve the quality of their own, improve risk control ability, to ensure stable and long-term business.(Contributed by Zigong Municipal Committee of Civil Construction)