Two years after my remarriage, I was broke, and my lover swept away my few possessions with a flick of her sleeve

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After remarrying with my lover, I did not get the happiness I wanted. Instead, because I could not deal with all kinds of relationships after remarrying, I became anxious and had no intention of doing business.Two years after my remarriage, I was broke. With a flick of my lover’s sleeve, my ex wife walked away with my few possessions. I begged her to come back, but she laughed at me.My children did not approach me; they saw me as an enemy.Reader Lao Li left me a comment about his extramarital affair.It’s a short story. Let’s take a look.Like many men caught up in extramarital affairs, I used to believe that there was true love in extramarital affairs.I am very convinced that my lover is my destiny. In order to stay with my lover and build a happy family with her, I would rather abandon my wife who has been with me for more than 20 years and a pair of children.To be honest, WHEN I divorced, I didn’t think I was abandoning. I thought my wife should understand me. After all, it’s not easy to find true love.I think my children should understand me. After all, they are adults and should understand my desire for love and happiness.But I forgot that marriage is never about one person, nor is forming and breaking up a family.As an adult, I only considered my own emotional needs, not those of my wife and children.Looking back, I was pretty out of line.He wants a divorce because he’s blinded by his lover.I didn’t even listen to my daughter’s pleas.Thought to marry lover can happiness to the old, but remarried, I didn’t get what you want happiness, but because can’t reconcile the lover with their parents, lover and the contradiction between sons and daughters, became more anxious, and his ex-wife to my infinite hate, I feel my life became dark, whether life or business, is not smooth.Two years after my remarriage to my mistress, my small business went bankrupt.My lover accuses me, my parents resent me, my ex-wife laughs at me, and my children ignore me.Depressed, I began to drink.I thought my lover would comfort me, encourage me and accompany me to stage a comeback.But I was wrong, she began to abandon me, and even behind my back to please other men.Not long after the bankruptcy, my lover asked me for a divorce, saying that she had met a true love, that I should fulfill her true love.I tried to keep her, but she didn’t give a damn, just like I did when I betrayed my marriage.At that time, I realized that the biggest difference between lovers and the original is that the original can accompany you through thick and thin, lovers can only share happiness, can not share pain.When divorcing my former wife, my ex-wife did not mention any conditions. When divorcing her lover, she would fight for every cent. Finally, she left smartly with my only property.I went back to my ex-wife, only to get curses and taunts.I talked to my kids, and they said I deserved it, that I had it coming.Fifty-eight is a particularly awkward age.Look again. I can’t find anything.No, I don’t know what to do with my old age.As an experienced man, I want to say that the beginning of an affair is all very well, but life is not only about love, but also responsibility and obligation, and loyalty and commitment.No matter how beautiful the feelings will be spent in reality, no matter how beautiful the affair is, it is just a temporary confusion of feelings, lovers will not stick to life with you.(The network picture has nothing to do with the content of the text) @Ding Evening why does an affair feel better?Because there is no triviality of life in that relationship, there is no hardship of raising children, there is no constant trouble between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.Once the lover becomes the wife, life goes back to the way it was before, even worse than before.