The Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Tiger adds luster to the Winter Olympics

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The Chinese New Year’s Eve party of the Winter Olympics is an indispensable visual feast at the moment of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new.In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, urban channel plans to launch the Winter Olympics Spring Festival Gala “Passion and ice meet the Winter Olympics”, to bid an end to the old year and usher in the New Year, helping the Winter Olympics.Tai Chi, silk string traditional techniques collision ice and snow culture 5G, AR enabling new technology to create a cool new experience “Passion ice and Snow meet the Winter Olympics” to celebrate the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival to add color to the Winter Olympics passion ice and snow meet the Winter Olympics Spring Festival,”Passion ice and snow meet winter Olympics” will be broadcast in Hebei broadcast TV channel, urban channel.Eleven winter Olympics songs, including “Ice and Snow Winter Olympics”, “Smile to the World” and “Together for the Future”, will be sung at the party to add a festive atmosphere to the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger and cheer for the upcoming Winter Olympics.Yang LAN, a witness of the Bid, han Qiaosheng, a sports host from Hebei province, and CAI Meng joined in to tell their story and the Winter Olympics.Pang Wei, hebei Province’s image ambassador for ice and snow sports promotion and Olympic champion, spoke movingly about his journey from winning his first gold medal in 2008 to winning the Olympic gold medal in 2021, and also shared with the audience the loving moments of his and Du Li’s “Shenqiang Xiaolu” couple.Zhang Yipan, gold medalist of women’s 4* 200m freestyle relay at the Tokyo Olympic Games, and Hu Pengqi, gold medalist of men’s 10m air pistol team competition at the 14th National Games, are singing “Smile to the World” in the scene dance in a covered van.Ju Wenxin, champion of women’s taijiquan and Taiji Sword individual all-around of wushu routine in the 14th National Games, and Yue Leijun, champion of taijiquan in the first World Taijiquan Championship, co-starred in Snow Dance Chinese Wind.Snow Dance Chinese Style integrates traditional culture with Olympic culture by high-tech means, bringing the audience a super real experience in a virtual fantasy world.”Snow ruyi” with a good meaning to the world to send a ruyi about, and Hebei intangible cultural heritage – Sixian, with a long tune to send Oriental blessings for everyone.Cui Wenqi, champion of the World Youth Wushu Championship, and Liu Yuqi, gold medalist of men’s 10-meter air Rifle team competition in the 14th National Games, combined the virtual technology with the real opera actors on stage and on screen to spread the blessing and poetry of Hebei people to the distance through the winding ski course.The three national training bases — Chongli Plateau National Comprehensive Training Base, Chengde National Snow Sports Training Base, and Laiyuan National Ski Jumping Training and scientific Research Base — have been put into operation from ground breaking, creating a miracle of snow and ice in China.The host and the virtual scene through a mirror to the end, perfect presentation of Hebei contribution.The students of Hebei Institute of Physical Education, the artistic gymnastics team of Hebei Gymnasium, the figure skating team of Zhengding County Ice Skating Hall, the little players of the ice hockey team and the outstanding players of hebei radio and TELEVISION programs sent their best wishes to the volunteers of the Winter Olympics in the burning Snow.Zhangjiakou Xuanhua No. 2 Middle School took the lead in promoting snow and ice courses into the campus, and many children in the mountains have changed their fate because of snow and ice.Sun Yongqing, the former headmaster of the school, and Sun Zhifeng, the coach of the school, told the story of their dedication to the cause of sports with deep feelings.Wang Yaping, vice principal of Qiaoxi Foreign Language Primary School in Shijiazhuang and a mother of three, also shared her legendary story of using sports to shape children.Through the song “Meet me in Beijing 2022”, the students expressed their passion and ambition to strive for their dreams and never retreat.The whole party will be art and science and technology, history and reality, culture and entertainment collision, realize the multiple integration of film and television, dance, variety, science and technology, from an all-round and multi-angle show hebei contribution, Hebei power.From New Year’s Eve to the third day of the New Year, “Passion and Ice meet the Winter Olympics” will be broadcast to create a strong atmosphere for the Beijing Winter Olympics.During the Spring Festival holiday, urban channels will broadcast on January 31 (New Year’s Eve) 19:00 on February 1 (first day) 14:00 on February 1 (first day) 20:00 on February 2 (second day) 14:00 on February 3 (third day) 20:00 ON February 1 (first day) 12:40 TOGETHER FOR A futureSHARED FUTURE