More than 200 people are carried by 39 people, and the factory is home to sanitation workers, who remove nearly 70 tons of garbage every day

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More than 200 staff of maqiao Town sanitation Company in Minhang District were locked at home and could not go out. “The whole area will produce nearly 70 tons of garbage a day, and if it is not cleared, it will be piled into a mountain.”During the closed management, how to deal with waste scientifically and effectively, yuan Haifeng, the person in charge of the company, made a difficult time.Picture: Secondary elimination of the surrounding environment and vehicles (photo source:Under the organization of Yuan Haifeng, the sanitation company quickly gathered 39 on-the-job staff, clear division of labor, the establishment of daily life garbage cleaning group, special isolation garbage cleaning group and logistics support group, we go all out, race against time, to ensure that the special period of garbage cleaning work in an orderly manner.At the same time, in order to further improve the efficiency of waste disposal, the sanitation company connected with each containment village and community in advance, determined the point of removal and quantity of waste, and clarified the requirements for elimination, laying a solid foundation for the follow-up work.Considering the particularity of garbage isolation, the sanitation company set up a special garbage isolation and transportation group composed of 11 sanitation “big white”, fixed the line, special person and car to deal with garbage isolation, clear the requirements and precautions of garbage isolation and transportation, to ensure that the work standard, no mistakes.”Special time, must do a good job of elimination work.”Sanitation “Baymax” Master Jiang is cleaning and transporting the isolated garbage in a containment community.After completing a series of steps, the trash can will be transported to the transfer vehicle, and the surrounding environment and vehicles for secondary elimination. Finally, the garbage will be transported to the designated disposal site by car. “It is not easy to go back and forth for nearly 100 kilometers…””Exclaimed Master Jiang.Picture: carrying nearly 30 catties of equipment in different floors of elimination elimination, loading, transportation, queuing……In order to ensure the daily cleaning of household garbage in the district, the “Baymax” sanitation workers have to work nearly 12 hours a day, and their hands are wrinkled with white when they take off their protective clothing. “Although wearing protective clothing often makes you sweat, now is an emergency time, we must adhere to high standards and strict requirements, and we cannot relax for a moment.””Said Master Jiang.In addition, the special isolation garbage collection team is responsible for the elimination of nucleic acid sampling sites and containment buildings while dealing with the isolation garbage.At the busiest time, baymax, the four sanitation workers, need to kill nearly 100 buildings a day, carrying nearly 30 kilograms of equipment between different floors.In order to ensure timely garbage removal and elimination, and to ensure a harmonious and orderly living environment for the residents in the area, the “Baymax” sanitation workers built temporary beds in the factory and took the factory as their home. “When we were tired, we would sleep in the factory, saving us from going back and forth!”