Look at the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong from two “8.3”

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China’s GDP reached 8.3 trillion yuan, up 8.3 percent year on year, its import and export volume increased 32.4 percent year on year, and the profits of industries above designated size grew 24.2 percent on average over the past two years…Under the pressure of the complex economic situation at home and abroad and the prevention and control of the epidemic, Shandong’s economy achieved both quantitative and qualitative growth last year.Behind this is the transformation of old and new driving forces in shandong after four years of hardship, which has pushed the new economy to seize the pass and gather at a faster pace.According to the unified calculation of the regional GROSS domestic product (GDP) of Shandong province in 2021, an increase of 8.3% over the previous year, according to the provincial bureau of Statistics.These two 8.3’s did not come easily.Shandong are famous for their economic structure is a “heavy”, to solve the structure is not optimal, kinetic energy is not new, energy shortage, low efficiency, began in 2018 in shandong province full implementation of old and new kinetic energy conversion engineering, clearly put forward “resolutely eliminate backward, determined to transform and upgrade traditional kinetic energy and kinetic energy strongly cultivate expand new kinetic energy”, big “vacate basket change a bird”.Transition pains are inevitable.As a large number of projects and outdated production capacity have been shut down or eliminated, shandong’s economic growth has fallen in response. In 2018 and 2019, it was lower than the national average for two consecutive years, and the revenue of the provincial general public budget was almost at the same time.To the difficult line, in the sun and born.In 2021, in the face of multiple adverse factors such as COVID-19 prevention and control, unstable global supply chain, and energy shortage, Shandong will give full play to its advantages of solid industrial foundation and complete industrial categories, coordinate efforts at both ends of supply and demand, and keep pace with the three industries. Its comprehensive strength will be significantly enhanced, and its “family base” will become thicker and thicker.VR headsets, AR glasses, smart watches…In Goertek Inc. Exhibition hall, the company’s vice president Chang Gang while explaining the product application scenarios, while using data to show the company’s efforts and achievements – annual revenue 6%-8% invested in RESEARCH and development, research and development investment in the past five years more than 13 billion yuan, 2021 annual net profit growth of 50%, a record high.The 13 million market entities in shandong have made great efforts to boost the economic aggregate and improve the quality of Shandong. The added value of high-end equipment manufacturing industry accounts for 46.4% of the equipment industry, the added value of high-end chemical industry accounts for 28.1% of the energy-intensive industry, and the contribution rate of service industry to economic growth reaches 59.5%.Cui Jianhai, deputy secretary general of Shandong Provincial Government, believes that in 2021, the economic development will be stable and improving, and the road of high-quality development will be lighter, faster and more solid.Kinetic energy conversion, the “top ten” industry reached 5.7 trillion yuan in jinan, a period at the end of 2020 and put into production of sinotruk “Internet +” high-end heavy card production base, the new energy smart snatched trucks use “Internet +” model, realize the active safety “zero fatalities, zero rollover”, saving energy and reducing consumption by more than 15%, intelligent control and automation.Last year, it produced nearly 10,000 new energy heavy trucks.In shandong, a number of “old trees” new branches, new branches open new flowers.Data show that in 2021, Shandong province will accelerate the upgrading of traditional industries, implement 12,000 technical transformation projects of more than 5 million yuan, build 115 provincial industrial Internet platforms, and “use cloud” enterprises more than 350,000.Traditional advantages have been consolidated, while new advantages have been accelerated.”Last year’s revenue is 11.1 million yuan, and this year’s target is 45 million yuan.”Chen Mingxi, head of Shandong Yanggu Bomi Technology Co., whose photosensitive polyimide products are essential for chip manufacturing, is confident of this year’s goals.Statistics show that Shandong province has focused on cultivating 105 “wild goose array” clusters of the “Top ten” industries, with a scale of 5.7 trillion yuan.The output of high-tech industrial robots, sensors, optoelectronic devices and other new products increased by 38.7%, 22.7% and 73.1%, respectively.”Shandong province will enjoy better quality economic development, stronger resilience in sustainable development, and wider paths to serve and integrate into the new development pattern.”Shandong provincial bureau of Statistics deputy director Lu Wanming said.On the former site of several small steel ball factories in Dong ‘e County, the main structure of the phase I project of China Resources Biological Industrial Park with a total investment of 2 billion yuan has been completed.In the future, it will become the main production base of biomedicine under China Resources Group.Today’s investment structure is tomorrow’s industrial structure.Wang Dong, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that in 2021, Shandong province will see a significant increase in investment in high-end industrial chain and emerging industries. The “four New” economic investment will increase by 5.8% year-on-year, accounting for 51.2% of the total investment.Investment in new and high-tech industries increased by 11.6%, 5.6 percentage points higher than the growth rate of total investment.In Zibo Qixiang Tengda Chemical Co., Ltd., Chairman Che Chengju introduced that the company is moving toward the high end of the “four carbon” industry chain on the basis of methyl ethyl ketone and other products, and constructing MMA, nitrile latex, isononol and other projects. In 2023, the company can realize revenue, profit and output value double that of 2019.As a result, more and more “pearls” are on the industrial “necklace” in Shandong, bringing broad imagination for the future economic breakthrough.An Wenjian, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, introduced that Shandong province, according to the chain planning, continues to implement the “specialized and special new” small and medium-sized enterprise cultivation project, to create a group of “singles champion” and “supporting experts” who master unique skills in the field of segmentation.There are 157 specialized and special “little giant” enterprises supported by central finance, ranking first in China.A total of 3,424 provincial-level “specialized and special new” smes, 1,140 gazelle enterprises and 20 unicorn enterprises have been cultivated within the period of validity.This year is the fifth year of the construction of shandong’s comprehensive pilot zone for the transformation of old and new driving forces. With the trend and key changes in economic structure, quality, power and vitality, the established goal of “achieving breakthroughs in five years” is expected to be “spring Mountain”.Source: Xinhua Daily Telegraph