Jiujiang Temple School in Daqingping Township, Lingling District held an emergency drill for epidemic prevention and control

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Rednet Moment March 29 (Correspondent Tang Yunfeng) In order to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work on campus, improve the school’s epidemic prevention and control capacity, and ensure the safety and health of all teachers and students, an emergency drill for COVID-19 prevention and control was held on the playground of Jiujiang Temple School in Daqing Ping Township, Lingling District, At 14:00 on March 28.Before the drill, a meeting on epidemic prevention and control was held, and detailed drill plans were formulated, responsibilities and drill procedures were clarified.For epidemic prevention and control, the General Affairs Office prepared epidemic prevention and control materials, the Political and Education Office arranged the drill process and maintained the on-site order, and the staff of the health center served as the school doctor.The drill mainly simulated the handling measures in the case of a cluster of epidemic prevention and control emergencies.Simulation scenario: Emergency treatment of students with abnormal body temperature in the class.A student from Class 112 grade 5 was found to have a headache and fever. The head teacher immediately contacted the person in charge of epidemic prevention and control of the school and the school doctor. The person in charge of epidemic prevention and control took the student to the temporary isolation area, and the school doctor took charge of temperature measurement again to confirm the abnormal temperature.The school doctor knew the students’ epidemiological history and asked them if they had been in contact with people returning from outside the city, and then reported the information to the epidemic prevention and control personnel.Tang Naiguo, president of daqingping Health Center, immediately called the hospital to send medical vehicles to take the students to the hospital for nucleic acid testing and treatment, and reported the situation to the epidemic prevention and control headquarters and the central school.At the same time, inform the class teacher to take other students out of the playground, to the isolation room, disinfection personnel to carry out a comprehensive disinfection of the classroom, the playground.After the drill, the school organized epidemic prevention and control personnel to summarize and analyze the drill, and further improve the school’s emergency response plan. In the next step, the school will continue to do a good job in the normal epidemic prevention and control work, and build a strong school epidemic prevention and control safety wall.