Guidelines for treatment of acne muscle

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1. Mild grade 1 acne: acne, separate mouth acne and closed mouth acne, open fans commonly known as blackhead, closed mouth acne commonly known as closed mouth causes: excessive keratosis of hair follicle wall, sebaceous glands of hair follicle secreted too much oil;Excessive secretion of oil and keratinocytes clogged pores to solve the focus: oil control, dredging pores * regularly clean the deep pores of oil, keep pores unblocked, acne does not have the breeding environment, stubborn mouth with appropriate needle clearance.* Maintain a balance of oil and water to reduce the chance of clogged pores, which is crucial for oily skin.* Do not use too greasy skin care products for the position of skin oil, so as not to clog pores, and usually clean in place.2. Symptoms of moderate grade 2 acne: inflammatory papules and acne causes: oil and waste keratin lead to pore blockage, resulting in a hypoxic environment and a large number of acne bacteria and microorganisms, resulting in inflammation.Solve key: containment, dredge pores, diminish inflammation because doug already have inflammation, so in addition to do a good job in mild hole of fat, you need to do dredge pores, also need to cooperate pox-eliminated cream, dots on the blain blain, rapid elimination of inflammation, also can cooperate fruit changes skin, remove waste cutin, anti-inflammatory sterilization, as well as the local local with the needle.3. Symptoms of moderate grade 3 acne: pustules, accompanied by papules cause: the inflammation of clogged pores continues to worsen, which has broken through the hair follicle wall and infected the dermis, so there will be pus and left dark color (acne marks) after healing.Oil control, anti-inflammatory, anti-infection * Topical acne cream, anti-inflammatory, local needle clearance * use anti-inflammatory ingredients * control oil secretion with drug treatment when necessary 4.Symptoms of severe grade 4 acne: nodular cysts and agglomerative acne causes: inflammation continues to worsen in the dermis, and the dermis tissue is destroyed, which is linked into sheets. It is not easy to leave acne pits at this stage.Anti-infection, anti-inflammation, oil control according to the severity of the four stages need to intervene in external and internal drug treatment, timely medical treatment, do a good job of oil control and anti-inflammatory, according to their own situation for treatment.