Good to see the foul of a few Korean dramas, to solve your Spring Festival drama shortage

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Did the soaring price of movie tickets during this Spring Festival deter you from going to the cinema?That’s okay. Scarlett has found you some of the latest and updated quality Korean dramas of this year, in all genres.Here, take a look.”That Year, Our Summer” was aired at the end of last year (2021), so far it has all been updated, you can rest assured to watch, there is no need to wait.This play is ranked in the recommendation of the top, mainly male, female lead as the “witch” two lovers, CP sense simply overflow the screen.While neither is a traditional Korean plastic surgery stereotype, both have their acting skills tested by movies.The show’s writers and directors have come out and said it’s a love story for both of them.The plot revolves around the first girl in the school and the last boy in the school.From their first love in high school to their breakup in college, to their reunion five years after graduation, every bit of love on the road.Basically, those who missed out on their first love can relate to the show, and those who have beautiful fantasies about love can find comfort from it.It is a particularly dreamy idol drama.Suitable for women.Comedy to “director of internal medicine park” starring: Li Ruizhen recommended index: four stars tell the truth, the Spring Festival or to see comedy, the whole family sitting together, laughing head over head is a holiday!So, this movie is really suitable for Chinese New Year.The story tells the story of a middle-aged doctor with a dream, with half of his life savings to open a private hospital (similar to private clinics in mainland China), and then a series of funny stories.The main joke of the TV series is on contrast meng.I thought middle-aged people would make a lot of money running a hospital, but only two patients came in three days.One was a woman who spent an hour talking to her doctor and then asked him to cut her toenails.The other was a doctor from another clinic who posed as a snoop and concluded that such doctors were no threat.Of course, it wasn’t enough. Despite three days without income, my wife maxed out her credit cards.Of course, that’s not enough. The only nurse in the hospital wanted to retire because the hospital would be out of business.And in order that the water deliveryman could talk to her every day, he left the switch of pure water on all day long.It’s middle-aged, it’s kind of like a house sitcom.Belong to laugh with tears, but eventually still happy ending, dispels the clouds to see the sunshine comedy.If you want to laugh, you can watch.Cool drama to “tracker” starring: Ren Shi finish, high I star recommended degree: five stars handsome male beauty of Korean drama every day, all the way open hanging cool drama is not often.People who enjoy watching cool dramas are usually both vigorous kindness and a sense of justice that burns like wildfire.Tracker is made for people like you.The story is about a challenge to South Korea’s corrupt tax system in order to avenge the unexpected death of his father.”Tracker” has a lot in common with Namgong Min’s nine-minute Korean drama “Prisoner Doctor” from plot origin to rhythm.Ren Shiwan plays the leading man in the TV series, anxious, jumping up and down, step by step to take part in hurting his father’s group of people to collapse.This is a Korean drama that looks especially relieved.In fact, from the perspective of its step-by-step rhythm, it is also a bit like Nirvana in Fire starring Hu Ge.You have to go to the phenomenon that the end of the term is Hu Ge, the director of the central Taxation Department is the emperor, and each of the repaired director is the emperor’s ministers, you understand.The rhythm is as tight as Nirvana in Fire.See how good it is?It’s the kind of show that makes you feel better about your real life.Start the New Year with your hero’s indomitable courage.If you are worried about your friends who don’t understand the story, you can keep following Scarlett, who will continue to interpret the story of “Tracker” for you.At present, the first season of 8 episodes have been broadcast, you can rest assured that the drama.This drama, starring Kim Nam-gil, Jin Sun-gyu and Kim So-jin, is definitely the biggest surprise of the year.From the cast of the show, Scarlett had only guessed it was guaranteed, but she didn’t expect it to be so good.Jin Sun-kyu and Kim So-jin have always been the best supporting actors in Chungmuro, and Kim Nam-gil’s acting skills are also well known in Hot Blood Priest.However, the three treasure acting is not the most brilliant place of the TV series, the original work of the TV series, scriptwriter and director, is the most important reason for this drama to become a boutique.The drama tells the story of the first profiler in Korean history.Note that this is based on a true story.The first profiler in Korea is retired Professor Kwon Il-yong.With the help of a writer and his own dictation, he published his novel The Monster Hunter.This play is based on this novel.Professor Kwon Il-yong also provided on-site guidance during the filming of the drama.What is particularly interesting is that professor Kwon il-yong said in a variety show that he looks like the main character Kim Nam-gil. However, according to experts, the resemblance is less than one percent.The beauty of Kim Nam-gil in his heyday is beyond that of a real Korean policeman.If you can see more real documentaries in South Korea, you know that the looks of ordinary People in South Korea are a long story, and the stars have to thank the medical beauty technology.Teleplay has a lot of 19 forbidden picture, although strive to be true, but all dozen Mosaic, have a bit real a lonely meaning.However, no matter the pace or lighting, no matter the position or the lines, the drama makes people feel excellent.Maybe you look serious when you watch it, but the TV series is too good to recommend!I suggest you watch it alongside the Netflix documentary The Korean Raincoat Killer.There will be surprises.2022/2/4 in Hong Kong