From “other law” to “self-discipline” change, Linjian high speed set up safety behavior self-discipline association

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Engineering supervision, safety first.In order to reduce the safety accidents caused by “unsafe behavior of people”, promote the construction of high-quality projects, escort the Security of the Asian Games, since this year, hangzhou traffic law enforcement team quality safety brigade actively urged the construction units under supervision to build a solid security line.Recently, linan to gold in the highway building heart engineering (hereinafter referred to as “overlay high-speed”) started from “one for all, safe for my” safety self-discipline association activities, all will be completed more than 3000 front-line workers, into the self-discipline association in supervision and external supervision, regulating the behavior of frontline staff work, enhancing the safety line.According to the reporter, the association adopts the membership system, and the members are all front-line workers of Linjian Expressway. The participating units make statistics on the information of the front-line workers such as drivers and operators, and the association will be incorporated into the management of the members after signing the commitment letter of the members of the association.In combination with the 13 most common “dangerous behaviors” of workers in the process of construction, such as climbing without wearing safety helmet, without wearing safety belt, smoking or using open fire, which are clearly stipulated in the implementation plan of the activity, members should constantly remind themselves, care for each other and supervise each other to effectively avoid safety risks.In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of workers to participate in the work, each worker can receive a bonus of 100 yuan per month as a safety reward after entering the work in strict compliance with the safety requirements.At the same time, the members and the team also formed a “chain effect” of common prosperity and common loss.Once the unsafe behavior is found, the member and all the members of the team will be cancelled at the same time, the members who violate the rules will stop work to accept the safety education and training of the team leader, technician and safety officer, the training time shall not be less than 3 days and 12 hours.If found unsafe again, the member will be removed.On the basis of members’ self-supervision and mutual supervision, the project Department will also carry out training, communication, inspection, assessment and other work of the association, summarize and report the work situation of the association to the headquarters every month, evaluate the “safe behavior” of the team quantitatively and qualitatively, and incorporate the evaluation results into the selection index of “beautiful team”.The supervision office shall do a good job of supervision and guidance at the same time to form a joint supervision force and avoid unsafe behaviors.Linjian expressway from the north zhejiang anhui junction qianqiuguan tunnel, and Ningxuan Hang expressway Anhui section shun, finally Hangzhou Xinjing expressway Anren hub, a total length of about 85.5 kilometers, the main line using two-way four-lane highway construction standards, design speed of 100 kilometers, planned to open to traffic on March 1, 2023.According to introducing, gold in the highway is the first peace in one hundred, the national quality engineering supervision of wisdom create demonstration project and the ministry of communications science and technology demonstration projects, quality, and the Ann brigade irregularly this project on quality, safety and environmental protection behavior such as regular inspection, timely grasp the phased project quality and safety, ensure the high quality complete games security traffic construction of key projects.In the process of project construction, law enforcement personnel timely make and issue inspection opinions on the problems found in the inspection, urge all parties to do a good job of quality safety and civilized construction management, to ensure that project quality and construction safety in production under control.Through the safety behavior self-discipline Association, all members in the self-supervision and external supervision, from “I want to safety” to “I want to safety” transformation, from “other law” to “self-discipline” transformation, through “self-protection, mutual protection”, finally formed “co-guarantee” system, tamp the foundation of safety management.Quality and safety brigade related person in charge said that the form of the safety self-discipline association is the practice of the special action of “welcome the Asian Games · service enhancement”, is to welcome the Asian Games traffic engineering safety construction effective guarantee.In the next step, under the premise of epidemic prevention and control and production safety, Hangzhou Traffic Law Enforcement team will closely focus on the requirements of the “Front-leading traffic · Dedication to the Asian Games” test competition, seize the time and plan in advance, and take the lead, set an example and show their actions in the service guarantee of the Asian Games and Asian Para Games.In order to present a “Chinese characteristics, Zhejiang style, Hangzhou flavor, wonderful” Asian Games event to provide a strong guarantee, strive to be the vanguard of transportation iron army.Supervise | butyl future Zheng Li edit | Chiang Chen internship edit | Chen Jiejiong graphic | correspondent Wang Guangyue The reporter Cui Yigang * all peer originator, reprint please indicate the source.