What is the most fragrant “nang” in Uzbekistan?

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Do you think all Uzbek nang looks the same?In fact, there are many varieties of local naan, such as soft naan, crisp naan, thick-rimmed naan, milk naan, meat naan and so on.Even those who rarely eat bread cannot resist the delicious naan when visiting Uzbekistan.Locals believe that “no meal is complete without nang”.Each region of Uzbekistan has its own recipe and secret recipe for naan.Among them, Samarkand naan has the best taste, and only in Samarkand can you taste the most authentic characteristics of naan.Tashkent is said to have a special nang market, but we only found out about it when we were leaving.Instead, we went to the stalls selling Nang in Chuzubaza, where we were introduced to a variety of Uzbek nang.Perhaps the most popular and best-selling naan on the market is made with yeast dough and is very cheap.But don’t be surprised if your choice of naan is pricey, perhaps with expensive ingredients such as goat’s milk or fat.п атыр р naan is made with butter dough plus sheep fat and tar residue, and in some areas onion and fennel.к атлама м с ма is a kind of baked bread that tastes like it’s been baked in an oven or fried in oil.Some of the nang are unique in shape, look like works of art, and smell even sweeter.In Uzbekistan, people have a special interest in nang, and many traditions and beliefs are associated with it.For example, naan bread should not be buckled or cut with a knife. It is disrespectful to naan bread.Like Russia, Uzbekistan has the custom of welcoming and seeing off guests.Unfortunately, our group didn’t even taste a third of the local nang varieties.But we plan to travel around Uzbekistan again.Next time, we’ll try another variety of hot, fragrant nang.Source: Pulse.mail.ru