The women’s soccer team wins again!

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Win!Win!Beijing (CNS) — China’s women’s soccer team came from behind to draw 2-2 with Japan in 120 minutes in the semifinals of the Asian Women’s Cup on Feb. 4.Compared to the last match, the Chinese women’s soccer team had five position changes in the starting lineup. The biggest change was that wang Shuang was not in the starting lineup.It is reported that Wang shuang sprained her ankle in the previous training, so coach Shui Qingxia did not risk sending her out.In addition to the change of the starting lineup, the specific position has also been adjusted, forward Wang Shanshan unexpectedly from the front line to the back line, and the first substitute debut of the guard Ma Jun as a back.At the beginning of the match, The Japanese team took the initiative on the court with smooth foot coordination and closing down in front. The ball possession rate reached more than 60% and threatened the Chinese women’s goal several times.In the 26th minute, The Japanese team set up an attack in front of the court. Nagano Hanakawa cut behind the left flank and Miyazawa sent a low cross. Riko Ueki headed the ball into the far corner of the net, putting China 1-0 behind.Since then, The Japanese team continued to rob the Chinese team in the half of the encircling, China’s defensive line pressure gradually increased.Although the Chinese women’s football team also created a number of attacking opportunities, but failed to form a threatening shot, the half-time battle ended, China team 0 to 1 temporarily behind the Japanese team.In the second half, the Chinese women’s football team took the lead in substituting. Zhang Rui and Xiao Yuyi came on as substitutes, while Ma Jun and Zhang Linyan were replaced.In the 46th minute, Xiao Yuyi attacked from the left. After receiving a cross ball from a Japanese teammate in the penalty area, she adjusted her play to cross the middle. Wu Chengshu quickly inserted her left foot into the middle and fired the ball into the net to equalize the score 1-1.After a period of time, The Chinese women’s football team was confined in their own half, but the overall defense maintained well, did not leave too many opportunities for the opponent, and finally the game ended in regular time, 1-1, according to the Rules of the Asian Cup, the two sides will go into 30 minutes of extra time.After entering the extra time, the Chinese women’s football team’s defense quality declined due to its excessive energy consumption.In the 103rd minute, Hiroshi Hasegawa lifted the ball into the penalty area and Riko Uechi headed the ball from an offside position. Goalkeeper Zhu Yu failed to save the ball. The Chinese women’s football team again trailed 1-2.In the 119th minute, Zhang Xin sent the ball to the middle of the court. Wang Shanshan scored with her instep to equalize the score again.In the penalty shootout, The Goalkeeper saved twice to give China a 4-3 win (6-5 on aggregate).At 7 PM on Feb 6, China will take on South Korea in the final to win its ninth Asian Cup title.China believe in their spirit, their desire to win, and never give up faith, The Chinese women’s soccer team, the final!Sources: Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily client, Qianjiang Evening News, Sina Weibo and other editors: Guo Wenyu Proofread: Wu Fangzhou Review: Zheng Jianlong signed by: Ou Jianyan