“The rest of my life to ask for more advice” teacher Lin’s words let everyone in tears.Yang Zi’s acting is great

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The thirty episodes of “Ask for Your Advice for the Rest of my life” are really enough to make our tears ah, the dialogue between parents and parents is really let us understand what is parental love.Gu doctor used a cola pull ring and school school proposed, this paragraph of acting Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi really is absolutely, the first time to see the proposal is the boy first red eyes.Dr. Gu knelt down and told the story of knowing the school all the way through. When Mr. Lin was hospitalized, he envied the atmosphere and love of Mr. Lin’s family. At that time, he felt that the school must be a good girl, although it was different from his imaginary girlfriend, as long as he thought of her together for a lifetime, he felt very happy.The school was moved to tears and agreed to Dr. Gu’s proposal.In the evening, Dr. Gu called the school, called the school wife, Mrs. Gu.God, xiao zhan’s voice is too su, who can resist his “wife” this name ah, directly su to the heart.The school shared the good news of Dr. Gu’s proposal with her girlfriends, who laughed at her for being cheated by a griphook all her life.Dr. Gu greeted his colleagues with a smile on his face in the morning. Sure enough, people feel refreshed on happy occasions. He also asked Du where he could buy a diamond ring.Dr. Gao heard that Dr. Gu had proposed and asked him why he had done it so quickly. Dr. Gu replied that he had been rushing to get married from the very first day of their relationship with the school.Our doctor gu’s three views are too right, now the young people really should study hard.Dr. Gu comforted her, hoping that there would be that person around her. Dr. Gao was also good, freely wishing Dr. Gu happiness.A girl is really free and easy, not crying drops, not dead pester difficult to fight, she is still the proud doctor Gao.Gu doctor and school said, hope to set the wedding date early, gu doctor found the deterioration of teacher Lin’s condition, but do not know, school school also think marriage is too sudden, but the next day school school and parents showdown, said gu doctor has proposed, she also agreed.Teacher Lin alone and school talk, also agreed to their marriage, about the time of the two parents to meet, but the teacher Lin look at the school’s eyes, is deeply love and reluctant.Behind also explained with the school how to pay the electricity and water related matters, just like in entrust what the same.Teacher Lin’s eyes are full of hidden stories.It was awkward and unaccustomed for parents to meet, like two sides of a debate negotiation.Dr. Gu’s mother first sent a gift to the school, showing her recognition and love for the school. However, she thought the school was still small and they had not spent a long time together, so they could get to know each other better and wait two years before getting married.In fact, as an elder, she must be very careful about how big a deal it is for the two children to get married. In fact, she is also for the good of the children, afraid that they will have conflicts in the future and lead an unhappy life.Mr. Lin and Ms. Li must feel uncomfortable when they hear this, feeling that they can’t wait to marry their daughters.But they didn’t show it in their faces.Teacher Lin began a little say JiaoJiao, JiaoJiao although young, but encounter things mature, is the mainstay of home, also said that she can stick to do special, piano as a child, even if crying at night, but will continue to practice the next morning, said she do things can bear, afraid tired, also specially to adhere to.Teacher Lin is almost very strict to the school, so kua her, is really rare, this is a father’s heart, a father’s love.Teacher Lin’s acting is really too good, live a father’s love for their own lines are very good.Ms. Li also said that there is only one daughter, is to hope that she can be healthy and happy, after the two people get married, something to discuss, support each other to go on.Oh, my God, that’s so touching. Parents don’t want to give up, but they say things like that because they’re afraid the guy’s parents won’t like their kid.Gu also promised to do his best to make the school happy.Mr. Lin and Ms. Li’s words, let the school cry can not stop, tears and mucus flow together, have to say, Yang Zi’s acting is great, empathy is very strong, WATCHING TV I also cried.The two families discussed the time to get married, Teacher Lin asked to finish this year, Doctor Gu also said that he hoped to marry to the school as soon as possible, two people cooperate very well.Both sides parents meet, the JiaoJiao also found the teacher Lin’s abnormal today, just asked the doctor, the doctor is going to tell her, actually is seriously ill, miss Lin has been transferred to the liver, JiaoJiao don’t believe, say miss Lin has been good, can’t appear this kind of circumstance, she really don’t believe that why his father suddenly ill,It wasn’t even long before he left himself.Yang zi’s acting really makes us see the emotional change from disbelief to disappointment to despair. It’s really great.The next thing to do is plan the wedding. We’ll share it tomorrow.