The “pipa playing and singing mediation method” really works

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Guangxi rule of law daily reporter Lai Junqun correspondent Wu Haicun “I sing a song to advise, dispute mediation should be said, dong men and women are not easy, fate couples with lang niang, concord with the elder generation grace, knot together for one thousand years to sing…”From March 21 to 22, the melodious pipa playing and singing was heard frequently from the Liangkou People’s Court of sanjiang Dong Autonomous County people’s Court on the banks of rongjiang River.There are interceding, reasoning, remonstrance, comity, harmony, respect…Dong pipa song, called “Ga Pipa” in Dong language, is a traditional music popular in Guizhou, Guangxi and Hunan where dong people live. It is one of the national intangible cultural heritage.Dong people do not have their own language, pipa songs are passed down orally and are artistic treasures created in the production and labor of dong people. The old people of Dong villages regard playing and singing the pipa songs of Dong people as a magic weapon to educate their offspring.When listening to a good Dong pipa song, listeners often feel empathy and are moved to tears.Dong pipa song is usually sung in the streets and villages. Why is it heard in the court?Originally, this is the dispute mediation method created by the good mouth court – lute playing and singing mediation.The court invited the local Dong singers to play and sing pipa to express the traditional concepts and fine customs of the local Dong people, combined with the universally recognized values such as marital friendship, respect for the old and love for the young, equality between men and women, mutual understanding and mutual concessions, and harmonious coexistence.The parties living in dong villages for a long time can understand and tolerate each other, so that conflicts and disputes can be resolved before litigation and social harmony and stability can be promoted.On the afternoon of March 22, in liangkou court mediation of Divorce dispute between Ms. Yang and Mr. Long case scene, Dong singer Yang Qun can play and sing dong pipa song to assist the judge mediation, men and women both voluntary reconciliation.Ms. Yang and Mr. Long have been married for nearly 20 years. During the Spring Festival this year, Mr. Long noticed that Ms. Yang often chatted with the opposite sex through wechat, with ambiguous words and abnormal behavior. He suspected that she was having an affair and asked her to show him her mobile phone to check their chat records.When Ms Yang refused to comply, Mr Long slapped her, causing conflict between the couple.After two months of cold war, the two sides still could not solve the problem through communication and negotiation, So Ms. Yang sued for divorce in Liangkou Court.The judge found that the two parties got married through the traditional love way of dong men and women “sitting younger sister”. They had a good emotional foundation and had three children. They had a good marriage and family foundation, and the conflict was not very big.To save the family and reconcile the couple, the judge, who is familiar with the Dong language, invited local Dong singers to help mediate.On March 22, through the mediation of the judge and the “sensational” pipa song composed by the Dong singers, the two parties brought full love experience “memory killing”, the woman was moved to tears on the spot.After nearly two hours of mediation, Ms. Yang and Mr. Long made up.Similarly, on the morning of March 22, the court mediation Li mou and Luo mou divorce dispute case, dong song qin Yanmei scene playing dong pipa song to assist the judge mediation, to promote the parties to divorce, children and other issues reached an agreement.The appeal of Dong pipa songs comes from the content and the sincere and strong feelings contained therein.Song vivid metaphor and rich musical language, catchy, cadence, easy to intoxicate people.Because of these advantages of Dong pipa songs, liangkou Court actively invites Dong singers to assist judges in the mediation of cases through the “Pipa playing and singing mediation Law” according to the characteristics of large population of Dong people in the jurisdiction, which has achieved good results.(Source: Ping an Guangxi Network)